Open letter from @masterOfDisaster

Dear community,
dear shareholders,

I had to leave the forum, I had to leave Nu.
It was just too much.
The baseless accusations and insults were more than I could take.

I had to abstain from visiting to think about what I could do for Nu and whether I still wanted to do that after what happened.
It was not only @JordanLee’s attack that was hard for me.
Seeing that he was able to pull people on his side was hard as well.
It was so hard, because he had no valid arguments and spread FUD, but was very elequent in doing that.

Once I admired @JordanLee for his vision.
I need to admit that he’s good in manipulating people.

NSR failed because Nu failed.
NBT failed because Nu failed.
It was the economic failure of Nu that broke NBT and NSR.
But I haven’t logged in to discuss that…

I was watching the results of my motion that regulates spread.

This was my last sheet anchor.
I’ve seen that it passed.
I was visiting the forum, browsed some time through it and realized that things were moving in my absence.
I found a lot of reasonable threads, that were trying to get down to the root of the trouble.
I was happily reading posts from people who haven’t been seen in the forum for some time, being supportive without cease, or being brand new.
They were providing very helpful insights. I’m taking about @creon, @Cybnate, @mhps, @jooize and a lot others. This list is by no means complete!

I have a lot to read to see what happened in the recent weeks, but I’m unsure whether I will do that.

I’m unsure, because I found threads like this

as well.

They make me feel physically sick.

The distraction from the real problem is still going on. The lust for power is still strong.
A part of the real problem is that Nu went bankrupt, because hundreds of thousands of USD were burned operating the “Liquidity Engine”.
Another part is that the community and the shareholders followed anonymous leaders that weren’t transparent.
Those leaders made decisions based on information they don’t want to share.

Although that post is from @Phoenix, it follows the path, which @JordanLee paved.
@JordanLee crippled FLOT intentionally. Now @Phoenix longs for a position of power.

@JordanLee spread FUD intentionally.
He knows how to manipulate people, where they have weak spots.
One of mine is that I was so convinced from the good that Nu could do, that I blindly followed a false leader.
I’ve spent a lot of time and a lot of myself since Nu started.

I can’t do that any longer, unless I’m convinced of a radical change.

So far I’ve seen some people showing initiative.
I’ve found some really good posts although I didn’t dig deep.
I’ve found proposals, backed with good arguments, showing how Nu profits from them; those need support!
But this support was way to often missing.

Don’t make the same mistake again and follow a false leader, because it’s more convenient than participating!
You will lose those who try hard to help.
They need your support.

I will need some more time until I’ve come to a final decision whether or not to come back.
Finding support for ways to rework Nu into a reliable business should help me coming to a decision.


Well, @masterOfDisaster, you can try your belief on B&C when it is released.

Spread pegging and anti-inflation. Nu is Nu, B&C is B&C.

this is nothing new.
see how willingly they follow trump and how brexit occured!

Seeing an impressive change in the NBT and NSR market, which comes just at the right time to support phoenix’ propaganda, I want to bump this thread.

It’s not the revenue schemes that raised confidence in NBT and NSR.
There’s no revenue.
The accounting is still intransparent.
JordanLee doesn’t post any details.
So it must be something else.
What we see here looks like a very powerful market manipulation.

There’s one anonymous pseudonym striving for power.
Are you desperate enough to follow this pseudonym?
…especially as the style is remarkably close to JordanLee…

The main achievement of phoenix and JordanLee isn’t the creation of a revenue scheme.
It’s spreading FUD, manipulating markets and discrediting people who stood in their way.
Showing off as the saviour is a staicase wit.

No revenue, no future - whatever you might hope for looking at the NBT and NSR markets is built on quicksand without revenue.