On CCEDK temporary stop for trading of NBT due to maintenance

We have just made a twitter on site. We hope to have it up again soonest.

#important A need to for maintenance of the crypto NBT is suspending trading for the time being. We apologize for any inconvenience

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing

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@ronny, This is taking a while. Can you please elaborate on what is going on or let us know an ETA?

apologies for this delay. I am out travelling but will have an update tomorrow, wednesday and hopefullyall up and running again as well.



Ronny, the USD and EUR pair api are still answering with values for the buy side…


Can you check that?

Hey guys. My name is Ivan, I’m CCEDK developer. Ronny, has asked to inform about NBT market activation.
For now, NBT is up and running.
There were some troubles with transferring nu-wallet on updated servers.
We bring you our apologies, for temporary NBT unavailability on CCEDK.
Have a good day!

Best Regards, CCEDK team.

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Hey, thanks for your work. Is there any way you can make it BKS/USNBT like it used to be, so the price is like $5 instead of 0.2 BKS?


Where is the USNBT/USD pair?

I agree this is an important part of making using NuBits easy to use, not to mention BlockShares. @ronny can you help us bring volume to the pair by flipping it please?


@ronny, thank you for flipping the pair to BKS/USNBT!