NuShare price increase

NuShares will now cost 0.002 NBT if payment is made in NuBIts and 0.0021 NBT if payment is made in PPC or BTC. This change is effective immediately. However, anyone who has already contacted me requesting a specific quantity of NSR for immediate purchase will receive the old price of 0.0018 NBT.

I have made it clear the price of undistributed NuShares will rise in a series of steps. This should not come as a surprise to those who have been paying attention. It reflects the increased value that results from the continued success of the project.

Wipes sweat from head, got scared there for a moment, lol. Glad to see people are buying. :slight_smile:

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I am glad I went through the liberty of setting bitmessage up. My message has been received after a few days and now I am eagerly waiting for a response. Looking forward to getting my first NuShares and participating in the Nu network.