NuShare (NSR) wallet?

This will sound strange.
Due to polo delisting i need to withdraw my coins. I want them in a wallet on my computer but i can’t find a wallet anywhere!?

Please help.

You can download our wallet at

If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.

There’s also coinomi wallet for Android, which can host NSR amongst other crypto assets.

Hey when i downloaded that wallet it only seemed to work with NuBits?
I did try to withdraw from polo, but i said invalid address. Is there anything specific i need to do on the wallet to get nushares to work?

the NSR and []-NBT wallets ar the same thing. You need to switch the unit though. In the menu bar should be an option to do so. Choose the NSR unit and you should be able to generate NSR aaddresses (they start with an S)

Wow i’m stupid. Thanks!

There’re no stupid questions :slight_smile:
You’re welcome

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Coinomi wallet cannot receive nsr reliably and cannot send at all. I think it didn’t update Nu client On the server side.

You can make cointoolkit nsr address as a wallet.

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Thanks for the warning.

I sent some Nushares from Coinomi a couple of days ago successfully, but perhaps I just got lucky.

That’s a good point. Do you know if the implementation is pushed upstream? Might want to add it to the wallet list on the website later.

You reminded me. Small transactions are OK. I guess it still uses old fee calculation method so large tx cannot go through.

I sent in a note before the lastest update. Doesn’t look like the problem is being solved.


There was a new release weeks ago and this problem remains.