NuPool 2 now active on Bittrex and Poloniex

Just to add: We’re trying to get some competition into NuPool again, as most of the time, the rates were at 0.3% on all pairs.
Also, it couldn’t hurt to reduce our influence in the tllp business to leave room for NuPond and LiquidBits.

Thanks! I understand. I’ve already been pushing some funds to the other pools.

I’m not clear about lowering the target though and the impact on % yield. I understand that will make competition. So when I set my % targets that I am willing to accept - is that what I will be given granted that no one is lower? Or will it give me more based on market?

You get the max % unless the target is full, then you’re in competition. At that point, you receive a smaller percentage on a portion of your liquidity, corresponding to how much competition there is. Your set % is the minimum % you are willing to receive; if the competition pushes your reward below that (so you are no longer being compensated) the bot will delete the orders so you are no longer at risk.

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Thanks. I’m sure that was explained on the site. I just didn’t understand it until right now.

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Since you cannot know what the competition will choose, it is always in your best interest to enter the % as the actual minimum percentage you are willing to accept for your liquidity. There isn’t really a good way to game that parameter by design.

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You are no longer at risk of volatility (tier 1 = 0).
The risk of exchange default remains as the funds stay at the exchange (all funds in tier 2) :wink:
Would be nice to have a way to automatically shift the funds from the exchange to tier 3 (attempt to make that function available).
But for security reasons it would be necessary to tie an API key to an NBT address that can’t be changed afterwards (to make sure the API key in the wrong hands couldn’t lead to stolen NBT).

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I have a question: I’m testing with a small amount (100 NBT) on Poloniex only. I followed the instructions on and set pool.conf with the two keys as required, a NuBIt address, and exchange=poloniex. I’m running the client from the CLI on Linux. My NBT funds are acknowledged by the client, bid/ask orders in the amount of 0.5 NBT are routinely placed, but in the 2 days it’s been running, the logs show I’ve never seen a balance other than zero and I’ve received no NBT. I’ve tried a variety of bid/ask interest rates between 0.1 and 0.3 without any effect. Am I doing something wrong or is the pool on Poloniex oversubscribed?

According to the current status, the poloniex ALP looks like this:

The ask side is close to the maximum and whenever it is above the maximum, the liquidity providers will see a degradation of the average compensation.
But you are providing NBT on the bid side and there’s some space left until the maximum is reached.

If you don’t mind trying a different bot, you can have a look here: Universal ALP bot collection - forked (and hopefully improved) @Nagalim edition :)
The experimental branch is the most recent:

I have my ALPs bot running based on that code and my poloniex ALP bot tuns fine.

Hi Guys,

rather new to this stuff I set up the NuPool software on both Poloniex and Bittrex and on a Win7 machine and it worked well for almost 2 Days. I editet the pool.conf accordingly and used the python run_client because the batch file in the windows folder didn’t work. Having collected over 0.4 NBT over night it showed only 0.01 NBT when I returned in the morning. Studying the log everything seems to be fine except a 2 minute period showing a lot of error messages such as ERROR: submit: server response invalid
ERROR: unable to retrieve server price: server response invalid
ERROR: exception caught in main loop: global name ‘logger’ is not defined
ERROR: submit: user not found
After that behaviour, all balances were reset and it started working as usual again.
I do now have an 60 NBT order on Bittrex which can not be cancelled and is considered as invalid.
Did I make something wrong or was there only a disconnect over night?
Is there a chance to get that order back when I contact bittrex support?

Any help would be highly appreciated.



you can login bittrex and cancle the order manually.
also restarting the bot cancels all existing orders.

No way to cancel manually or restart, Tried this more than once. Order is invalid I am told. Contacting Bittrex support now.

Let’s see what happens

Yah, that sounds like a bittrex issue. Sometimes the bot does weird things, but a restart should clear all orders and right itself. An invalid order is something bittrex support with have to fix.

I saw the same issue a few weeks ago. The support removed the stuck order within 48 hours…

After about 2 weeks exclusively on Poloniex, I finally saw the first reports indicating that I am providing liquidity. The most recent logfile recorded a long sequence of these:

2015/09/18-15:24:35 ERROR: submit: server response invalid
2015/09/18-15:24:37 DEBUG: /liquidity: server response invalid

In the ~24 hours since then, my client has given a succession of reports all with non-zero balance and non-zero rates. I haven’t changed anything in the configuration and I don’t have a large stake; just testing at this point.

Hi guys,

got answer from Bittrex support, they had a DB issue that orphaned some transactions. Already solved and I got my NBR’s back.
Now I am still interested why my balance jumped from 0.4 to zero. In my understanding, this balance is stored on the NuPool server. Should not be affected by DB issues on an exchange, right?

You may have received a payout or nupool restarted the server. You’re right that short of one of those two things happening your balance should not have reset.

When exactly? We did a manual payout yesterday.


Happened exactly on 2015/09/18-23:25:01
I have attached a screenshot of the log which shows the period when error msgs appeared on a 1 second basis. Only deleted similar msgs to shorten it.

Any idea what happened? Ok, server connection was lost during this period but what does ‘global name logger is not defined’ mean? Just want to understand it.
Thx a lot for the support

That was the manual payout I was referring to. The server has to be stopped for a short period of time. Mostly not longer than 2 minutes.
The 0.4 NBT balance was payed out (I hope!) and then reset to 0.

Nothing to worry about, just a small glitch in the debug logging.

Thank you willi, so everything is working as it’s supposed to be, except the payout which hasn’t arrived until now.
Let’s wait and see.