NuNetwork chatrooms

We have been using internally for some time, and it has proven to be a really nice applications with a lot of flexibility. It has mobile apps, and lots of features. They’re under pretty rapid development as well so features are being continuously added.

The service allows us to have an unlimited number of public rooms, so i’ve gone ahead and added a number of different chatrooms within our NuNetwork organization. Some discussions are better in real time, and this may be a better option for various situations.

You can find all the public rooms on our community page. If you have any ideas for other rooms let me know.

You do need a github account to login and access the page, but its a free service on top of a free service. Can’t beat that!

This is just an experiment, and if something better comes up we can shift.


having unlimited number of rooms is an interesting feature, only it is already a challenge to fill one room , i dont know myself, i will try it, just saying, there is #nubits on freenode, and the maximum number of people/bots there was 5 iirc

Is it ok to use for anonymous people, Jordan or Sunny for example?

I believe so. It works through tor fine, and they can use their existing github accounts to log in.

Yep I’ve had no issues using it through Tor. GitHub doesn’t have any identity requirements.

Can someone explain to me why shareholders aren’t allowed to view the internal development chatrooms and any private boards on this forum? Secret chat rooms are only one of the reasons Creon mentioned to me for him leaving. What is the rationale? Does it have to do with security and preventing attackers from taking advantage of vulnerabilities known by the dev team, or something else?

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Every single major initiative has been discussed on the forums and then voted for on the blockchain. It’s a level of transparency that is superior to any real-world organization I’ve ever been a part of and I think others would agree. There have been no secret motions passed or shadowy custodians elected, so I think the term “secret chat room” brings up connotations of sinister activity that isn’t really helpful. Off the top of my head, I can think of several reasons why private discussions should be allowed between Nu contributors through email and chatrooms, including:

  • Discussing security vulnerabilities that would threaten the network if not fixed
  • Discussing pending deals, such as a new exchange integration that isn’t ready to be announced yet. This “under-promise, over-deliver” marketing strategy has ensured that we’ve upheld our public commitments at a far superior rate to projects like Bitshares.
  • Discussing opsec best practices for those of us who want to remain anonymous
  • Helping external parties like liquidity providers learn about NuBot without having to ask public questions that could impair the perceived credibility of their operation

I’ve watched the network in action since release and have been continually surprised at the number and quality of great ideas that are suggested by random community members. The network has always shown an agnosticism to the source of an idea, instead evaluating them solely on their merits. Creon made some excellent contributions to the community but seemed to have difficulty accepting that there are times when we simply can’t get our way in the voting environment we’ve established, when an idea isn’t strong enough to gain widespread support. I’ve certainly disagreed with decisions that have been voted for by shareholders, but I accept that the voting system as it is designed enables decisions that are immune to coercion or force.


By the way @tomjoad, I agree with you about the private chats. They are necessary in certain situations. I wanted to bring this topic up though to get it out there and see if anyone else had any issues with it. If nobody objects then fine, but I felt it should at least be mentioned.

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Oh wow. I didn’t realize I was going to come back here and see discussions about secret chats like FISA courts or something. The software is open source at this point. There is nothing to hide, and all of the history can be found in the git and bitbucket issues. The whole point of software like gitter is so that distributed teams have a means of collaborating in real time. There is nothing to hide here, and I’m putting forth the effort to get more people involved in real time discussions about the network. Kind of weird to see some negative spins applied to opening another channel of discussion for everyone.

Did anyone really think the development teal didn’t have a means to discuss topics on a day to day basis outside the forum? Anyway, my hope is that this solution fulfills the desires of many to have chatrooms for Nu related activities. If not, we ca try something else. The development and procedures are totally open source at this point so if you have any concerns drop a message on the bitbucket repo.

No spin intended. Fine, “secret chat rooms” was not the best term to use. More accurate would be private internal development chat rooms. I don’t think there’s any harm in asking the question why they need to be private. As Tom pointed out, there are many reasons. As I said, I only wanted to bring up the issue because it was a concern of Creons. I wanted to know if any other shareholders felt the same way about it.

I do like the new chat room though and I feel it will positively affect the community. I’m also glad it’s off-site, as we don’t want all discussion to happen in chat rather than threads, like what happens at Peercointalk.

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Sorry. It was 3am when I replied and it looks like I took it a bit more personal than I should have. Though I didn’t like the notion that there was any merit to creons departure and the existence of private discussions. It really sounded like there was something “wrong” with how the team worked together.

We were using IRC when I started on the project and it sucked a lot. Ben and I started playing with hipchat, and it worked really well. It has tons of tools and features that make life easier for remote development teams to collaborate. It worked so well that we invited other team members, and it became the primary means of working together on the project. We didn’t have a forum at the time, and the project was not public. This situation simply continued after release because we had “settled in” after half a year of daily use.

I’m not really sure why that would bother creon. We had private chatrooms because we needed a place to work together on the project. All of Tom’s reasons are valid as well. Hipchat limits the number of people that you can have on a team. With gitter we can create public chatrooms with unlimited users and unlimited rooms for free. It has pretty much all the same features of hipchat as well. The whole point of implementing this is to invite other people to the table and work together on the project in a more public space using a platform that is much better suited for real time collaboration. I hope more people decide to join the chatrooms to hash out ideas, or help answer questions for people that are new to the project. I’m going to add our gitter page to the docs site, so that people see there’s a place where they can come chat with other NuPeople


I dun goofed

And nevertheless creon was one of the few people that were invited to Hipchat by the Nu team.
Not “access all areas” but still very close. now allows people to login and chat using twitter. So if you prefer that or don’t have a github you can join in on the chat now. Click the yellow button at the bottom right of the forum or check out all the available rooms here: