NuLagoon Liquidity Operation Monthly Report for May 2016

According to the motion 9d3538c6e95e0cfeae7afeeb5e82874a25040276 [Passed] Accessible Liquidity - Encompassing NuLagoon Contract, we report NuLagoon liquidity operation in May here.

Monthly Report for May 2016 (please advise)

We are supportting the three trading pairs on the Tube, Poloniex and HitBTC. Watching NuBots status and watching the network wide liquidity every other day. Make effort to find new source to attract more fund into the pool and more activity in using NuBits.

At the moment of writing this report:

Total Asset: 40410.9 NBT + 109.74 BTC
  Pool A: 36.5%
  Pool C: 39.2%
  Pool D: 24.3%

Fund Allocation:
  NuLagoon Tube: 26610 NBT + 119.24 BTC
  Poloniex:       6014 NBT + 14.5 BTC
  HitBtc:          1470.0 NBT + 0.959 BTC
  Off Exchange:  821.3 NBT + 0.5 BTC

Fee before 12 May is already paied by fee grant. Fee from 13 May to 21 May, when the new motion passed, is 9 * 176. Fee from 22 May to the end of month is 10 * 150. Total: 176 * 9 +150 * 10 = 3084 NBT
NuLagoon can receive the fee with the address: BLGdraBCznbtQjM6V7jWUyrcn9Uzihy4Y3

We made many improvement in NuLagoon operation:

We also presented two proposal regarding the next possible step of NuLagoon, please support us.

Disappointing to see over 90% of the buy side liquidity on the Tube.


The report is your conversation with shareholders. Your report here says that you have 90% buy side in the Tube. If you don’t like that report, report something else. Above all else, I would stress transparency, as much as it sounds to the contrary. Report what you really feel happened. Give us your side of the story. Tell us how this month has been to you.

You can advertise the motions you have up for voting, but I would prefer to see a prominent spot given to the work that was done, risk that was taken, profit made, loss suffered.

Thank you for your comments and advise.We added some info into report. will think how to accumulate more useful data in future report.

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Great, thanks! ALix has some fancy APIs. But also, keep track of when you make txns. Speaking of which, it would be really cool if you could balance your polo bot with the tube.

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Yes, we can.but only in manual mode now. We will withdraw some NBT from and deposit some BTC to poloniex soon.

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NAV gives a good bit, but I think most shareholders are interested in your poloniex operations. Are periodic rebalances still a thing? It would be great to automate NuBot <–> Tube rebalances, but lacking the automation we need them manually once in a while. Especially during critical times like the price spike happening now with bitcoin.


The Liquidity reporting address of NuLagoon was just expired. We will be preporting by using a new one soon. Sorry for any unconvinience may occur.

The new liquidity reporing address B5HupPg3ELbuaz4cuuGNoxREuVKJPZTToa is being put in use now.

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