NuLagoon fee request from 13 May to 14 Jun

Dear NuShareholders,

We would like to ask NuShareholers or the representative of NuShareholders pay NuLagoon the custodian fee between 13 May 2016 to 14 Jun 2016

  • The Last passed NuLagoon fee grant is to 12 May 2016. The reference post is this:
  • The following is the fee request which FLOT didn’t pay.
  • we suspended NuLagoon operation on Jun 14. Announcment made at:
  • The motion effective before 22 May is :

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  • The motion effective begin at 22 May is this:

Fee before 12 May is already paied by fee grant. Fee from 13 May to 14 June, when the new motion passed, is 9 * 176. Fee from 22 May to 14 Jun is 24 * 150. Total: 176 * 9 +150 * 24 = 5184 NBT

NuLagoon can receive the fee (5184 NBT) with the address: BLGdraBCznbtQjM6V7jWUyrcn9Uzihy4Y3



So Nu is going to pay LP again, how long can this ponzi last? When will the next crush come?

We won’t be continuing with a 5000 US-NBT payment to NuLagoon each month. The new negotiated rate is 500 US-NBT per month. However, my understanding is that Nu is contractually obligated to make this one last payment under the old contract. Following NuLaw and fair practices are a very high priority. So, as I understand it, 5184 US-NBT must be paid to NuLagoon.

If anyone can bring information to light that indicates we should not pay this invoice, I am listening. I will wait 2 days to make the payment of 5184 US-NBT to NuLagoon to allow objections to be made and examined.

It sounds good, in fact we can print money from nowhere, the key is “not too much”, so that the relative low expenditure can be absorbed by share price fluctuation.

The 5184NBT fee was received. All the fee that NuShareholders owned to NuLagoon within the old contract was paid off.

Thank you for acting in integrity and keeping the promises.