NuBox testing

Testers needed.

This is first public release of NuBox binaries. So far it covers only nu binaries, packaged for Debian. Packages are deployed with systemd services and are ready to be integrated with future NuBox.
What I need now from testers is to verify that binaries are stable and play well with legacy wallet.dat files. Binaries are built against libdb4.8, which means wallet.dat from official binaries should work out of the box.

Packages for both armhf (raspberry pi) and x86_64 are provided.

To install repository, copy/paste following commands in the terminal:

wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -

sudo sh -c "echo 'deb jessie main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nubox-testing.list"

To install binary:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nu

In the following text, user is presumed to be “pi” as it is default on Raspbian. If your user has different name just replace “pi” with username.

Now you can used it with nud command, or via systemd which will sandbox it and make sure it never dies sudo systemctl start nud@pi.service.

If you install Tor, you can use nud via it too. However, there is no full tor node support right now.
sudo systemctl start nud-tor@pi.service

GUI wallet is also installed by default.
To use it , start it with nu command. Or use systemd:
sudo systemctl start nu@pi.service


NuBox or Nubox?


We usually capitalize the letter after Nu, so NuBox.

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NuBox it is.

Should NuBox nodes state that they are NuBox, like Peerbox does?

“version” : “v2.0.3-unk-beta”



I don’t see why not. Unless there’s reason not to, I say yes.

Implemented Tor full node support. However, it requires some manual work still.

After Nu binaries are installed from the repo, install ncf package too.

sudo systemctl start nud-tor@pi.service should auto-configure Tor full node. Let me know if there is any problem with.

sudo cat /var/lib/tor/nu-service/hostname will give you node’s .onion address.

Version string now advertises that the node is NuBox.

“version” : “v2.0.3-NuBox”,
“protocolversion” : 2000000,
“walletversion” : 1,
“walletunit” : “S”,

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Testing nubox tool:

./nubox -public

“nu_version”: “v2.0.3-NuBox”,
“os”: “debian 8.4”,
“hardware”: “Unknown”,
“uptime”: “2 days, 14:46:43.370000”,
“average_load”: [
“connections”: 8,
“blocks”: 63176,
“moneysupply”: 1002502549.0,
“pos_difficulty”: 0.00026099,
“protocolversion”: 50000,
“walletversion”: 1

./nubox -nbt -info

“nu_version”: “v2.0.3-NuBox”,
“os”: “debian 8.4”,
“hardware”: “Unknown”,
“uptime”: “2 days, 14:56:57.070000”,
“average_load”: [
“balance”: 0.0,
“stake”: 0.0,
“newmint”: 0.0,
“ip”: “”,
“connections”: 8,
“blocks”: 70747,
“moneysupply”: 6280447.353,
“pos_difficulty”: 0.00024451,
“liquidity”: {
“tier”: {},
“custodian”: {},
“total”: {
“sell”: 0.0,
“buy”: 0.0
“protocolversion”: 50000,
“walletversion”: 1

./nubox -motions

“7283c71d2bddc3b71e2eb7cd0693e28e3665bf66”: {
“shareday_percentage”: 31.72275042,
“blocks”: 3136,
“sharedays”: 819968004,
“block_percentage”: 31.36

Should liquidity info and park rates for example be in general -info or should I leave them like shown in post above, as separate functions?

The standard getinfo doesnt mention park rates or liquidity right?

It does not. However it is very important info for shareholders and some may want it to be visible at first hand. This is why I am asking.

I think those categories can get long and should remain in separate functions. But my opinion is really pretty arbitrary.

NuBox tool (beta) released.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nubox

nubox --help
usage: nubox [-h] [-version] [-unit [UNIT]] [-info] [-balance] [-public]
[-stdout] [-rates] [-start] [-stop] [-autostart [AUTOSTART]]
[-tor] [-onion] [-restart] [-mint] [-addr]
[-send [SEND [SEND …]]] [-gauth [GAUTH]] [-nbt] [-motions]
[-parkrates] [-liquidity] [-vote [VOTE]] [-feed]

Show information on NuBox.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-version print NuBox version.
-unit [UNIT] switch between NuShareas and NuBits
-info equal to “nud getinfo” with some extras
-balance print balance
-public show info with omitted private data
-stdout dump data to stdout, use to pipe to some other program
-rates current average NuShares exchange rates in USD and BTC
-start start NuBox
-stop stop NuBox
-autostart [AUTOSTART]
make NuBox autostart at boot time
-tor start NuBox with Tor
-onion show .onion address if this node has one
-restart restart NuBox
-mint unlock wallet for minting.
-addr shows all associated addresses.
-send [SEND [SEND …]]
send NuShares/NuBits; -send ADDRESS AMMOUNT
-gauth [GAUTH] enable or disable google-authenticator, use with 'set’
or ‘unset’
-nbt switch to NuBits
-motions show active motions
-parkrates show parking rates
-liquidity show current liquidity
-vote [VOTE] set vote for motion or grant proposal
-feed set data feed

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You people do realize I need testers to find bugs, right?


packaged for Debian

I am not on a Debian, so can’t help here :frowning:

You people do realize I need testers to find bugs, right?

one does not need to run to find “bugs”, from above (nubox --help):

" -unit [UNIT] switch between NuShareas and NuBits"
improvement: NuShareas -> NuShares

I really want to, but just too busy with the ALPv2 project, NuDroid, Pybot and datafeeds.

Instead I will offer 5 NBT each to the first 3 people posting in this thread, providing a NBT address and showing that they actually installed NuBox (screenshot) and provide some kind of feedback about its usage.

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Installed it on a fresh OS.

First, this made me smile: (1).

I tried the “nubox -public” since it looked nice from you, but it gave me a traceback, because no nu.conf available.
"touch"ed that .conf-file and now above command gave me a better msg: NuBox isn’t running

Then I started NuBox via “nubox -start”, but there is not much feedback. It just stays like that.
I tried other commands (e.g. nubox -addr) in another terminal, but they tell me NuBox is not running, though I started it.
Is there some kind of log file (besides the debug.log) I can look at?

Could it be b/c I haven’t yet downloaded the whole NU blockchain? if so, would be great to display such an info to the user also when I type: "nubox -start"
I’ll be downloading the blockchain now via the UI: nu, since I see there progress.
Then close the UI and try the “nubox -start” again

during NuBox install, for one of my choices I got:
“Poor misguided one. Why are you installing this, then ?”

Create .nu/nu.conf file manually. Then start.

see above: yes, I did that already via touch.
Could it be because the file is empty ?

yes you have to put some values for rpcuser and rpcpassword

did you read the choice for which you got this? it is for the name of the box on the network, if you want to call it nubox type yes, you typed no, maybe there should be some smiley faces added, and some “ha ha ha” to make it more clear, or change the words so it reads more yoda like?