NuBot support for Poloniex Gateway @jooize

I’m setting up a gateway, and have requested both an auth key via the form and an NBT grant to broadcast liquidity.

Can NuBot run without auth key and broadcast address?

According to the setup guide:

NOTE: [It is] also possible to test NuBot without being a custodian and setting the “submit-liquidity”:false in the configuration file.

In the spirit of OSS, you are also allowed to bypass the official credentials and use your own. - First edit the source of and add your own credentials (see comments in source) - Build the project using NuBotDist gradle task - Run the bot from CLI using the -skipCredentials flag

I can probably figure this part out, but I was busy today and rather get competent help to get running as soon as possible.


without auth key for this flag

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I’m trying to run NuBot 0.4.1 headlessly under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64. I have not been provided with an auth key, but am told it may not have much effect right now and that -skipCredentials should handle not having it.

I have tried several different configurations. The following is a minimal one. I’m running nud beside it with RPC user/pass set in nu.conf if that has any effect with "submitliquidity": false. The broadcast address has been imported.

  "exchangename": "poloniex",
  "apikey": "REMOVED",
  "apisecret": "REMOVED",
  "pair": "nbt_btc",
  "submitliquidity": false,
  "mailnotifications": "none"

When I access the NuBot server through the Nginx reverse proxy (over authenticated HTTPS and other incoming connections blocked) I get the following error.

NuBot engine is down. Relaunch it and refresh this page

More info: Error while loading updateConfigFile : /configfile


NuBot is run as user nu like the following.

java -jar NuBot.jar -server -skipCredentials -cfg=config/nubot-config.json -noBrowser
18:40:43.781 [main] INFO  - defined session log path logs/idles/1468708843773 []
18:40:44.035 [main] DEBUG - checking latest version [com.nubits.nubot.launch.MainLaunch:64]
18:40:45.144 [main] DEBUG - Latest Version = 0.4.1, Current version = 0.4.1 [com.nubits.nubot.utils.VersionInfo:132]
18:40:45.152 [main] WARN  - Official credential skipped. Will use user-defined credentials defined in source of [c.n.n.l.MainLaunch:77]
18:40:45.164 [main] INFO  - Running NuBot with server [com.nubits.nubot.launch.MainLaunch:96]
18:40:45.170 [main] DEBUG - parsing options from config/nubot-config.json [SessionLOG:58]
18:40:45.311 [main] WARN  - wallShiftThreshold and spread will be taken from Streamer service (local settings ignored) [c.n.n.o.ParseOptions:519]
18:40:45.316 [main] DEBUG - Skipping validation of configuration file. [com.nubits.nubot.options.ParseOptions:696]
18:40:45.326 [main] DEBUG - loading opt: {"nudIp":"","submitLiquidity":false,"poolURI":"","apiKey":"hidden","streamingserver":"","poolSubmitInterval":50,"bypassStreaming":false,"nubitAddress":"","bookSellwall":500.0,"gitter":true,"mainFeed":"bitfinex","rpcUser":"","mailRecipient":"","bookBuyOffset":0.025,"multipleOperators":false,"bookSellMaxVolumeCumulative":0.0,"bookSellSteepness":"MID","bookDisabletier2":false,"bookBuyMaxVolumeCumulative":0.0,"nudPort":9091,"backupFeeds":["blockchain","bitcoinaverage","coinbase","bitstamp","kraken"],"priceIncrement":3.0E-4,"poolPayoutAddress":"","rpcPass":"hidden","apiSecret":"hidden","bookSellType":"EXP","webport":8889,"pair":"nbt_btc","bookSellOffset":0.025,"mailnotifications":"NONE","bookBuyInterval":0.008,"bookSellInterval":0.008,"emergencyTimeout":60,"bookBuywall":500.0,"bookBuyType":"EXP","txFee":0.2,"poolModeActive":false,"exchangeName":"poloniex","executeOrders":true,"wallchangeThreshold":0.15,"bookBuySteepness":"MID","dualSide":true,"verbosity":"NORMAL","keepProceeds":0.0} []
18:40:45.337 [main] INFO  - start ui server. configfile config/nubot-config.json [com.nubits.nubot.webui.UiServer:59]
18:40:45.338 [main] INFO  - launching on http://localhost:8889 [com.nubits.nubot.webui.UiServer:64]
18:40:45.577 [Thread-1] INFO  - == Spark has ignited ... [spark.webserver.SparkServer:137]
18:40:45.579 [Thread-1] INFO  - >> Listening on [spark.webserver.SparkServer:138]
^C18:42:47.142 [Thread-2] INFO  - file /home/nu/.nubot/8889.locked deleted! [com.nubits.nubot.utils.FilesystemUtils:41]
18:42:47.143 [Thread-2] INFO  - Exit main [com.nubits.nubot.launch.ShutDownProcess:62]

Running without -server works!

Can I get the web UI without running X11?

Deleted post was intended for private message. Sorry about that.

I fail to see any more success with LXDE running and $DISPLAY=:0.0 set.

Please assist with anything you can. Basically everything else in the NuBot setup is complete.

I’ve been provided with an auth key.

Made an install from scratch following my detailed instructions. I intend to publish them later.

Here’s the configuration. Does it look right?

  • Buy wall at $0.85 with up to $50,000 liquidity (I found no option for unlimited).
  • Sell wall at $1.005 without liquidity.

Do I need bookDisableTier2? I expect not for the buy wall in this case, but for the sell wall not to be populated with Tier 2 funds.

  "exchangeName": "poloniex",
  "pair": "nbt_btc",
  "txFee": 0.0015,

  "apiKey": "",
  "apiSecret": "",

  "verbosity": "normal",
  "executeOrders": true,

  "bookDisableTier2": true,
  "bookBuyWall": 50000,
  "bookBuyOffset": 0.1485,
  "bookSellWall": 0,
  "bookSellOffset": 0.0035,

  "submitLiquidity": true,
  "nubitAddress": "B5v8JVp8j7CkFuFwhJ84fCjMNKCCS2ScN6",
  "nudPort": 9091,
  "rpcUser": "nurpc",
  "rpcPass": "",

  "mailNotifications": "none"

Why does NuBot withhold 5.36 BTC of the total 36.09 BTC when I use bookDisableTier2 and bookBuyWall is over 86 BTC?

@woolly_sammoth @desrever

16:04:40.130 [priceTriggerTask] WARN  - **BUY** orders re-initialized on  **poloniex** :  1/1 placed successfully
total amount placed : 21006.656878956903
Tier1 order size : 21006.656878956903
Tier2 cumulative order size : 0.0 (0 orders)

21,000 USD is about 36 BTC, yet 5.36 BTC is not on the orderbook looking at Poloniex (though 21,006 US‑NBT worth is). What am I missing?

36.09 * 0.85 = 30.6765
21080.29225540 * 0.85 = 17918.24841709
17918.24841709 USD is 30.9378 BTC

It appears linked to current offset at 15%.

Can I configure NuBot to put all funds at $0.85?