[Nubot Gateway] Poloniex @zoro (sell offset:0.25% , buy offset:5% ) - stand by

“bookSellOffset”: 0.0045
"bookBuyOffset": 0.035

i can decrease sell side at 0.0025
and increase buy at 0.05 ?

If we want to learn from the situation it might be better not to change the settings/offsets too often.
I don’t know. I find 3.5% buyside offset rather small for the current situation (and would indeed prefer 5%).

But let’s wait for what others, e.g. @mhps say.

spread 1/5 of the fund at 3.5, 2/5 4, 2/5 at 5

This can only be made manually! Monitoring Nubot’s transactions 24/7 :wink:

Do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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More details:

nud getliquiditydetails B | grep 0.3.2a_1465197677189_2ee2ec -A 2
        "1:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.3.2a_1465197677189_2ee2ec" : {
            "buy" : 750.0,
            "sell" : 1500.0
        "2:NBTBTC:poloniex:0.3.2a_1465197677189_2ee2ec" : {
            "buy" : 6468.13,
            "sell" : 29219.8262

things are going so slow you can monitor it once 12 hr on the first day, find out how quickly the walls get eaten (say x hours), make adjust ment, and come back to see see the result after x hours.
Plus we can help monitor it like mod did above.

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@zoro, what about your NuBot?
My two NuBots reported errors. I restarted them.
New errors:

14:03:31.965 [main] ERROR - Post Data: currencyPair=BTC_NBT&nonce=1465221751291&command=returnOpenOrders [c.n.n.t.w.PoloniexWrapper:932]
14:03:31.974 [main] ERROR - Unexpected character (<) at position 0. [c.n.n.t.w.PoloniexWrapper:947]
14:03:31.977 [main] ERROR - answer:<html><head><title>404 Not Found</title></head><body bgcolor="white"><center><h1>404 Not Found</h1></center><hr><center>nginx/1.6.2</center></body></html> [c.n.n.t.w.PoloniexWrapper:948]
14:03:31.987 [main] ERROR - could not launch bot com.nubits.nubot.bot.NuBotRunException: Problems while validating communication with exchange : [ ApiError [4 : Null Return] ] [c.n.n.l.MainLaunch:173]

It looks like Poloniex is down. At least I can’t load it in the browser.
Any news in the web? I haven’t searched yet… maybe it’s a regional problem?



@zoro, time to restart NuBot!

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Total Bitcoin 12.28748625
On orders: 3.23739749
BTC value: 12.28748625

NBT NuBits 30720.55729976
On orders: 6000.00000000
BTC value: 50.05761209

sell offset at 0.25%
buy offset at 5%

i would be happy to reduce buy offset even at 1% if FLOT wishes.

Do it.
Although I’m against it.

But there’s no way to prove that I’m right, when I say this will empty the buy side faster than T5 and T6 can compensate and T4 will not be able to support it for long.

You have my vote as FLOT member to reduce the spread to 1%, because that’s Jordan’s vision for the future.

On top I predicte a fall of NSR rate, if not being supported for some time by people trying to cloak what’s happening, manipulating the market.

There’s only one thing that can save the reserve from running dry: the stop of the BTC bull run in combination with some confidence that’s left for the peg.

Sorry, i don’t believe you :stuck_out_tongue:
I would like for other FLOT members to “vote” for this!

Then we have to go for vacations for 1-2 months until after BTC halvation :wink:

Of course you should ask more than me!
@cryptog, @Dhume, @dysconnect, @jooize, @mhps, @ttutdxh, @woodstockmerkle, what’s your opinion on that matter?

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Vote 2 of 5-of-8 for 1% spread.

That means 0.5% offset on both sides, right?


even this 1% offset seems very extreme right now!

There’s not much room for interpretation. Only it says nothing about the symmetry…

I dearly hope if it fails, Jordan won’t hide behind:

@Jordan, you’d like to have <1% spread here and now (as soon as a FLOT consensus was reached), right?

Does this not mean that? :neutral_face:

The difference in percent (%) between the bid and ask on an orderbook.



Correct if you are referring to spread. But we are talking about offsets now :wink:
buy offset + sell offset = spread.

Didn’t I say just that? :cry: :balloon:

“1% spread = 0.5% offset on both sides”

I had written 1% buy offset, not spread. I am not referring to sell side at all (for now) :slight_smile:

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I’m in favor of 1% buy offset and 1% spread for your gateway, whichever may be approved by the rest of FLOT.