[Nubot Gateway] Poloniex @zoro (sell offset:0.25% , buy offset:5% ) - stand by

@zoro, please check the price feed yout NuBot uses.
I haven’t configured one manually, but that’s not good at the moment.
It chooses bitchain.info as default, but that price is far off:

22:42:11.789 [priceTriggerTask] INFO  - New price computed [Sat May 28 22:42:11 UTC 2016,blockchain,BTC,507.0,USD,0.0019929,0.00189329,] [com.nubits.nubot.tasks.PriceMonitorTriggerTask:483]

https://bfxdata.com/orderbooks/btcusd is at 533 at the moment,
https://bitstamp.net at 524
BTC/USDT at Poloniex 519

507 is way too cheap!
We need to find a more reliable data feed.

I’m trying

  "backupfeeds": ["bitcoinaverage", "kraken"],

All three have a BTC/USD rate that is at level or slightly above Poloniex.
We’ll be better off than with blockchain.info - at least for now.

My nubot uses bitfinex. Which is currently the biggest (in volume) btc/usd exchange :wink:

Asset Total
NBT 20590.879229
BTC 18.315699

Buy Orderbook Offset ($)
Sell Orderbook Offset ($)

Don’t all pools and gateways on the same exchange need to change feed at the same time to avoid wall collision?

With a tight spread they should…

Total Bitcoin 14.41103350
On orders: 9.62937237
BTC value: 14.41103350

NBT NuBits 22755.22334316
On orders: 6000.00000000
BTC value: 40.59827662


“bookSellwall”: 1500.0,
“bookSellOffset”: 0.0045,
“bookSellInterval”: 0.002,
“bookSellMaxVolumeCumulative” : 6000,
“bookSellType”: “exp”,
“bookSellSteepness”: “high”,

“bookBuywall”: 1500.0,
“bookBuyOffset”: 0.05,
“bookBuyInterval”: 0.002,
“bookBuyMaxVolumeCumulative” : 6000,
“bookBuyType”: “exp”,
“bookBuySteepness”: “high”

SELL 2970.005763 0.00224759
SELL 1529.994237 0.00186928
SELL 1500 0.00186557
BUY 1500 0.00176073
BUY 1529.994237 0.00175702
BUY 2970.00576095 0.00140265

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Total Bitcoin 15.83698297
On orders: 9.67451953
BTC value: 15.83698297

NBT NuBits 22322.87423108
On orders: 6000.00000000
BTC value: 41.98731736

@zoro, did you check your NuBot recently?
Mine reported API errors and I had to restart it.

Maybe you want to put less funds on the order book - just in case you have a NuBot malfunction during heavy swings.
What about this suggestion?

  "bookBuywall": 750.0,
  "bookBuyOffset": 0.05,
  "bookBuyInterval": 0.01,
  "bookBuyMaxVolumeCumulative" : 2000,
  "bookBuyType": "lin",
  "bookBuySteepness": "low"

This will provide $2,000 on buyside at an offset that is below mine (which is currently at 7.5% with 1.5% increase each order, while yours are at 5%, 6%, 7%)

It is fine ATM. But i wil follow your suggestion, thanks :slight_smile:

Total Bitcoin 20.94593344
On orders: 3.51052500
BTC value: 20.94593344

NBT NuBits 19605.98959178
On orders: 6000.00000000
BTC value: 36.22579090

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10 BTC have been received.

Total Bitcoin 31.27704067
On orders: 3.34527500
BTC value: 31.27704067

NBT NuBits 19429.82878343
On orders: 6000.00000000
BTC value: 33.70181521

And 176 NBT have been sold :wink:

Total Bitcoin 25.72463807
On orders: 3.39387000
BTC value: 25.72463807

NBT NuBits 22726.21890050
On orders: 6000.00000000
BTC value: 39.40385464

Total Bitcoin 22.49910324
On orders: 3.33937249
BTC value: 22.49910324

NBT NuBits 24656.71094218
On orders: 6000.00000000
BTC value: 41.43806840

You are slowly losing BTC.
Have you considered increasing the buyside offset?
How’s your current sellside offset?

The high buyside offset derailed the NBT/BTC pair to some degree. Even with 0% sellside offset, you’d be quite far from being on top of the sell side order book.

USD rate of the NBT/BTC for the 2,994 NBT sell order: 1/0.169436 = 590

Current BTCUSD rate (bitfinex): 575

With 0% sellside offset, you’d be 2.5% more expensive than the $3k order - no chance of selling NBT even at 0% offset.
It looks like the buyside offset of 5% moved the mid price and created a “virtual” USD price in the NBT/BTC pair of $590.

“bookSellOffset”: 0.0045
"bookBuyOffset": 0.035

i can decrease sell side at 0.0025
and increase buy at 0.05 ?

If we want to learn from the situation it might be better not to change the settings/offsets too often.
I don’t know. I find 3.5% buyside offset rather small for the current situation (and would indeed prefer 5%).

But let’s wait for what others, e.g. @mhps say.

spread 1/5 of the fund at 3.5, 2/5 4, 2/5 at 5

This can only be made manually! Monitoring Nubot’s transactions 24/7 :wink:

Do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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