NuBits v5.3.0 Release

I released Nu version 5.3.0 with a few changes:

  • added an option to coin control to send the change to the last input address (similar to the avatar mode)
  • also in coincontrol, added a checkbox to only use the required inputs, so that if you selected a lot of inputs (for examples split shares in an address) the client will stop adding them to the transaction when the output amount is reached
  • added an option to the burn RPC to burn from a specific address
  • added explicit messages in debug.log when the signature fails, to help troubleshoot Alcurex problems

Binaries :

Source changes: v5.2.0


b49d9a91c0626d0aa637d0e0ea36980c9ffd7e334266c4be9e88e927efdc2bab  bin/32/nu
85fa60a5b5f649c8fdbc6c73b742ef36cecd8004815148e217ab6795cba375ab  bin/32/nud
978ae5139f78eb3ac38963b37d273d4d587ffc4b1a6d3dcdad063fc738022eca  bin/64/nu
fbd6f2b6c2cc91aacc4bd7cddff5dfed083eda8191aeb33067c24a34ce92c4e1  bin/64/nud
a8cb1c03148d1883d837f51cf15a8c780e3f47a9c8ae718f4c25ffa55cc0ed29  64/Nu-5.3.0-win-setup.exe
7116c3ccb73ec626ab98a0111c15239cf3ff01bddc66f01c814f9cbd6bfa164f  64/nu.exe
bced54983b243c80031b1c4a7e0bcb07c4e591db77a0eeffe118c2b5c28a63bc  64/nud.exe

Great. I suppose it is not mandatory.


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Can you tell about it to cryptopia admin?