NuBits v5.0.1 Release

It would be great if the repair function could get rid of the orphans.

You’ve mentioned your wallets crashes a few times a day. How many NSR are you staking? Just trying to determine if it only crashes after a certain number of coins.

Also for those that don’t have issues with the wallet crashing all the time. How many NSR are you staking?

The wallet is not minting or staking as you call it at all. There is clearly no relation to that.

around 1/10 of the NSR holdings.

I am requesting this NSR custodial grant as an adjustment for the NSR quarantined in the 5.0.1 release. It does not increase the NSR supply. Rather, it is merely a replacement for quarantined NSR held in the following addresses in the following amounts:

Snf4uyshit1fj8dWKVxHsKTgTrNR61RskY 88606399
Sh5okqoxnFoiCVAJEdzfxzHqSyunriVPmp 371280
STWUi4iSgpAwJrycwrurn1j7DTS18w7ZDN 330000
Sg6aYkT7MP2R6FttKoKAPXqtTw1CHEzkZN 540000
SNQ4BWMpiumVtTEmrW4xAYfbJFhxdHZBxz 840040
SUGCjFktPEdXBquPJdSemuxZFy4AxvbXH4 890080
SeDCHvv8VQx1dsZFBJRJEmcjTTEvKU1QxH 730000
SickUboc7GTJK7TxF7vfYnunFLk81NLr9p 610160

Total of all quarantined NSR originating from
Snf4uyshit1fj8dWKVxHsKTgTrNR61RskY: 92917959

Custodial Grant Address: SZ4zZg2NyTTtmemXsJBnveuFuEgvbxVnXY
Custodial Grant Amount: 92917959 NSR (nearly 93 million NSR)

Not keen on creation of more NSR if not needed. I believe @jooize is to burn a significant amount of NSR from the buybacks anyway soon. Wouldn’t it be a simpler way to transfer these to be burned NSR into a new address. Total buyback must be getting close to that 100m NSR mark although I haven’t counted them lately.

This assumes that these NSR were meant for tier 6 reserve when peg is treatened and NBT supply must be reduced. Correct?

I don’t feel we should be granting any NSR to @Phoenix at all due to his history here. How do we know his systems (or motivations) aren’t still compromised?

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This passed

What difference does it make? Assuming those compromised coins have already been dumped at an exchange for btc.