NuBits v4.0.1 Release

I released Nu 4.0.1 to fix the full download of the blockchain with the blocked addresses (see NuBits v3.0.1ban2 Release – Urgently needed Nu upgrade now available).

This upgrade is only required if you need to download the blockchain from scratch. You don’t need to upgrade if you have a running 4.0.0 node.

I updated



9e8f04587d25d05b65269b335f57594e20601cd587e05b9d306aaa59ac10225e  bin/32/nu
742c698d149f38cf5464ce2582592db13d8494857424dce1f2904a7e767ae309  bin/32/nud
f3c29454cb330bcdbd3104758827329fece7b16e117711a616f290eb6245bc62  bin/64/nu
3e33ed5d559b0bd77c25c28b12a8f848d232d1f891180f3fc5e6b75db51902f5  bin/64/nud

a8c564521dcbfc772dadd0edb78271d5c693e231cd5bfa4bcf598deee6f2bb14  32/Nu-3.0.1-win-setup.exe
d07aebbc14c6cf9efe139c619399270911d84b8f1dec5539a59d6850f6354e55  32/nu.exe
20eccd6ebbbb0bf3c1b5e498bb00792ad535af0fc5d5e841f9cd29c66b214cc5  32/nud.exe
f7c6789308926866be6615e0c4d604ee75a97e891255a8224ab13a524b1d334a  64/Nu-3.0.1-win-setup.exe
0ab32d9c7c3c9838fb9ad5ad10a3765da1c7a852edb90d4b508358dd01db8b80  64/nu.exe
731228564162fac6a878297fd587c0587bd187b4480e85b7cf484722ac39a835  64/nud.exe

is there a deadline by which we need to upgrade?

I also renamed the old master branch from the source code repository which was from Nu 2.1. So you can now build from master again. But make sure you don’t merge the old master with the current one (you would get lots of conflicts).

You don’t need to upgrade if you have a running node. This version is only useful if you need to download the blockchain from scratch. I’ll add that to the post.

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great. thank you.