NuBits v3.0.1ban2 Release – Urgently needed Nu upgrade now available


I’m still waiting to hear about the attack vector that lead to the theft, but if history is an indication I’ll expect to still be waiting this time next week…and the week after that…and…


I am glad to see it.

NuShares are also up 27% today. The market is happy with what we are doing at Nu!

I’m a shareholder, but a minority one so I suppose you’re right that what i think is meaningless.

Hi, Sigmike

I have downloaded nu 4.0.0 and, instead of the usual Nu wallet, I get a wallet for US-NBT - I guess this is due to the plan to launch nubits in other currencies

The number of nubits is correct - however, more importantly, the option for shares is greyed out

I was expecting a wallet with both Nubits and Nushares

Please advise how I get the Nushares aspect back

Thanks, Matt

Edit: I have also noticed that the blockchain is still not downloading, it is stuck at 90 days

Hi matthewd, click on unit and you find the other currencies and nushares :slight_smile:

Hi, kkc
Excellent, many thanks

From whom have they been stolen?

What about this post:

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