NuBits related (broad) business idea for the Japanese market

This is a very broad business idea that I want to develop with the help of community and shareholders.

Ultimately, the goal is to make NuBit become the first Internet currency, starting from the Japanese market.

This is not a business plan but rather a short description of my vision in a broad way (perhaps you would see it as vague) about providing NuBit as a useful currency to the Japanese market.

It seems that there are Japanese crypto-currency enthusiasts and traders that are interested in NuBits because they want to get out of the small BTC/JPY market.
Also, the Japanese really cherishes, perhaps more than any other people, safety and stability.

I am welcoming any remarks or criticisms. :smile:


Go for it.

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Created a pulse post out of it.

This would be a good article to cross-post to too.

good idea. I will when I have some time!

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