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Hey guys! Tatiana here. I was chatting with crypto_coiner about my PR services company, Crypto Media Hub, and he suggested that I reach out the the group.

We help create and distribute press releases, secure sponsored stories, purchase advertising across over a dozen media outlets with discounted rates, and also provide social media services. Is there any need or interest within the NuBits community for help with PR or advertising?

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Hi Tatiana!

While Nu is very successful in terms of community building as well technological and economical achievements, it is not very successful marketing that story.
Pinging @tomjoad, because he is involved in PR related stuff.

Hello Tatiana,

Could you give us some estimates about prices and examples of your work?

I am interested in these questions as well. If you would like NuShareholders to fund your PR service, you would need to propose a custodial grant, where you outline your required payment and the services you would deliver.

Your website isn’t entirely clear what clients you’ve already worked with. I’m particularly interested in what metrics you use to quantify success for them, beyond general claims like “increasing ROI”. The media outlets you list are almost entirely pay-for-journalism sources that we could approach ourselves without a third party. Shareholders will be interested in hearing what you can deliver above and beyond our current marketing efforts.


Hey guys! Thanks for the questions. I am going to bed in a few minutes, but really quick. Some of my clients include: Gem, Vaultoro, Anthem Vault, Veldt, Netki, E-Coin, and several more. I am putting up some testimonials on the site that was just redone. When choosing advertising outlets, it can be very confusing. People have different metrics of measuring their audience, and have a variety of pricing mechanisms. I help cut through the BS and provide custom solutions for people based on their marketing needs. Simply calling and assessing what opportunities for ads are out there could easily take a week of time. With my previous experience, oftentimes I know whose ads were placed where, how they did it, and where they were most successful. I have excellent pricing that is specially extended to CMH, so cost savings alone would be a benefit. We help procure speakers and sponsors for events, offer many podcast sponsorship opportunities, and can write and promote press releases. Here is a testimonial I just got today: "Tatiana is a pillar in the bitcoin community, she was an early adopter and I’m always surprised at the number of people she knows in this amazing industry. Starting Crypto Media Hub was a natural move for her because of her vast network, media buying power and negotiation skills. I would recommend CMH for anyone that is serious about getting their brand out there or to any content creators wanting to monetise their work."
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The cost is 5% on top of any media buy (though the reduced price ad savings are passed directly to my clients). That means if you get $1000 of ads, I get $50 etc. There is a free consultation to assess best strategies. Press Release writing is usually around $200, we do distribution as well, and offer social media management starting at around $400 p/month. Please feel free to email me

Re nubits, I was not looking to secure funding, I approached Crypto_coiner on Linked In and he suggested I post here. I do believe the best stories are told in a creative way, so I encourage a narrative (pref on video) illustrating the uses of a crypto project (instead of just FAQs).

Hope that helps!
Goodnight :wink:


Thank you for approaching us Tatiana, you sound like a powerful and friendly ally. As you have heard, Nu is not very well represented in media, from constant misconceptions about the underlying mechanisms of our operation to a general sensitivity or aggression toward Nu-friendly posts. We believe what we have done here is monumental, and I hope to quickly capture that for you, if you’ll let me.

Nu started with an interest-based platform called ‘parking’ which was accompanied by a liquidity provision strategy (putting money directly onto exchanges). With the interest mechanism under heavy fire and exchange hackings costing Nu money in an unpredictable fashion, we implemented burning and share grant protocol such that Nu is now backed by the same thing bitUSD is: the value of the company itself via the shares. This spawned our 6-Tier philosophy where T1-3 is decentralized waterfall liquidity provision and T4-6 are a series of reserves and monetary mechanisms. Now, we are attempting to further decentralize our reserves using multisig addresses.

Then there’s B&C, which is a new company we forked into designed to provide a decentralized exchange with nubits as the main hedging token. This new company will have plenty of funds to do marketing, as a strong user base providing transaction fees will be their bread and butter.

As you can see, there is a lot of story to tell. Because we empower our shareholders to participate directly in the voting process, the question of ‘how much $$’ comes up quickly when a good idea shows up because the voters can authorize such an expense themselves immediately.

I hope we’ll find that CMC and Nu grow very quickly and thrive together.


How do you propose to address what @Nagalim pointed out?


Re Nu: I don’t know enough about the Nu to make a comment yet. Every time someone tries to explain it, it seems complicated and hard. I am very pro Bitcoin, and am open to alt coins as well. The thing is, from what I have gleaned, is that it’s pegged to the dollar. A lot of people are anti-dollar or don’t have faith in it anyway. That’s what is driving them to crypto. Perhaps you can outline and tell some stories in blogs, video, and other content online about use cases, and perhaps examples of why it’s so great you know?

I disagree that the 25+ publications and podcasts are "almost entirely pay-for-journalism sources ". There is a variety of them, and while some offer sponsored stories, all of them have regular news on there. And you’re right, you can certainly spend your time contacting each of them, negotiating, and getting the many details communicated and the artwork finalized etc. But why? I know everyone, I have very competitive pricing, and we are nice people to work with. Is it not worth freeing up a staff person from easily a full week or twos of work than to pay 5% to have your media buy taken care of? I know who has results, where there are deals to be made, and what are the best up and coming sites. It’s something that can help any business that perhaps can’t afford a marketing person. It at least can set them on track, plus there are consulting services, PR services, social media management. Do you really want to deal with that stuff? I certainly don’t lol. JK

Anyway, feel free to email me or ask any more questions. I do a free initial consultation that I believe people find very helpful. Perhaps I convinced you that I would be too :smile:


I realize certain client information is confidential, but I’m still interested in having my question answered. What quantifiable metrics can you share that prove you have improved clients’ brand equity and awareness?

CTR varies between .33%-1.5% on average. Happy faces saying thanks Tatiana you did a great job. More testimonials will be on the page thanks!

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I’d love to hear about that consultation. Where should we be spending our marketing efforts? We need to dispel preconceptions more than opening new markets, in my opinion. What would be the best way to go about reaching members of the community that wrote us off a year ago now that we have something to show?


Hey I just saw this, can you please email me to coordinate? Thank you :slight_smile:


Interesting question

Well if I can help in anyway I am an ex media consultant and SEO expert.I have all my Google and Bing certificates up to date and would help in any capacity your short on.Of course as a shareholder and NBT holder I would not require any fees for doing it,its in my own benefit.


If you have any proposal to address PR issues I would love to hear them.

It might be useful for us to try and form a “Marketing/Public Relations/Growth Hacking” team to coordinate efforts in this department. Aside from @tomjoad’s work, it doesn’t seem like these areas are getting much attention. I’d be interested in volunteering my time, what do you guys think?


I think one of the concerns that should be addressed is not finding new people to join the Nu community but find out why people left the community.Also why there seems to be 1000s of members globally but I only see the same people posting here.

@Halcyonic I think more senior members of here should answer your question.I have opinions on that but dont feel as a newbie qualified enough to give an opinion

@tomjoad did lay out a Marketing Roadmap which was received very well by the community:

There remain many ideas in there that could be furthered.

I’d love to see a marketing team. As a rough start you could do something like make an alternative marketing master thread and start mobilizing for certain projects. @tomjoad can be the official head and when you’re done forming a plan of action you can ask for Tom’s opinion about it and make a motion if you need to. As you show your responsibility and effectiveness, we might even be able to start giving specific members a small salary or whatever. It looks like we’re on the grassroots part of the road map anyway.