NuBits Online Wallet

This service is fully centralized.
I’ve also made it for other PoS currencies with the intention to build a PoS-pool. The drawback of a pool is to be centralized.

Will you share the wallet source code? There are obvious security concerns with not hosting an online wallet oneself.

Can you avoid showing the popup for choosing a client certificate until the user knows what the site is about? I have an unrelated certificate that Firefox suggests.

Tks for the clarification.

I’ve added a page to introduce the wallet before asking for a certifiacte. Hope this solution will be better.

I’ll think about it to make it open source. I’ll have to write (a lot of ) comments and a documentation and I won’t have much time the next weeks.

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Feature request: Show QR codes for receive addresses

What is the purpose of stake pool?

The online wallet is charging 0.05 NBT as transaction fee right now. 0.03 NBT (-0.02 network fee) are currently profit and 50% of this profit is distributed among all people having NuBits in the online wallet.
Size of the stake increases with number of NuBits in the wallet.

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Done :wink:


Can you make a short statement whether your web wallet is affected by 0.02-NBT-fee-gate?

I’ve just made a transaction and it has been broadcasted:

My wallet also shows the new tx-fee:
“paytxfee” : 0.02


Are you planning to adjust the current fee of 0.05 accordingly?

I plan to integrate an automatism to calculate the current fee (e.g. current base fee * 2, but at least 0.05 NBT).
At the moment the fee will be 0.05 NBT until this feature is ready.


Hey this is cool i was looking for an online wallet like bc.i where you are given the private seed so if the service goes down you can open your coins up in the official wallet. Does your service offer this?

Hi, unfortunately not. This wallet was initially designed for proof-of-stake coins (Emercoin/Peercoin). Therefore your address is a receiving address only. Coins will be send from any address.

Loving your web wallet however some things. I have been spoiiled by the security focus of Bitcoin, and I would like to see a multi-sig address and also a way I can hold my private keys in case something happen to the server and I am not locked out of my bits.
I see you use CA ceritifcates, so I see you also appreciate the security focus. Hope you provide this in the near future.

Due to lack of time and ongoing costs to keep this service online I’ll take this site offline on 01.11.2016!
It is not possible to register to this service anymore. Please withdraw all your funds until the end of this month. Because of low usage this will only affect a few users.

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is not even the 11 and I cant access the site.

Well, I guess we use a different format for the date. I’ve meant the first of November 2016. The website backend is still there. Do you have any funds to withdraw? I can bring it back online if you need it.

I dont think so, but just wanted to be sure.

Ok. The site is back online for one day.