Nubits on Coin of View

Very interesting stats.


There are only 40 nodes?

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I think it only shows the nodes their node is connected to, which might be restricted to 40. I’m running at least one node in Singapore so there are at least 41 :slight_smile: but probably more.
It looks that their node is European based, just a guess.

Given my experience, it might be 45-70 full nodes in total with changing availability.

The nubits-seeder running on (DNS seed list for NuDroid) has about 20-25 full nodes in its list, of which 10 will be listed in the DNS A records of
That software is quite restrictive though, in terms of which nodes it considers to be reliable and which not.

I’ve thinned that list out even further, removing all nodes not running on standard ports.

tl; dr: Yes, our node count is not very high.

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