NuBits / NuShares on

… does anyone know this exchange? I saw them on twitter, because they recently added STORJ.

They seem to have … well … about no volume at all.

Here is the anouncement thread on btc-talk:

Anyway, why not have an eye on them?

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We actually have them listed on our exchanges list. I believe they contacted us directly to inform us of the inclusion. There are no bots running on it though.

I didn’t look there… But I’ve searched the forum and did not find a single mention.

Providing liquidity there doesn’t seem very necessary at the moment.

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With these new and unknown exchanges it would be safer to provide new generated nubits from the network and not risking our own. what do you think?

I don’t like that idea. Thanks to inflation, our micro-economy still has to pay for those coins after all.
They are not free.