NuBits mentioned in BitBay announcement

Relevant quote:

“it will eliminate volatility using a similar system to NuBits.”

From the technical details provided in the announcement it looks like there will be a set supply of 1,000,000,000 coins. This means that it will not use a similar system to the flexible supply offered by NuBits and will likely be closer in design to BitUSD, which as we know is just a re-packaged exposure to BitShares.

Buyer beware. Reading through this announcement gave me a new appreciation for the simplicity Nu offers with only NuBits and NuShares.

Ok, you scared me for a moment there. I read your title as BitPay. :smile:

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I read the same lol

We should nevertheless be prepared to see copycat systems popping out if Nu proves successful. That is why I am against unchecked unbacked lending because it makes quick bucks so easily it has to be illegal. It’s prudent to assume that copycats will come and backlash will happen. Nu has to be able to differenciate itself, to the user and the regulators, from the money-grabbing pack.

i read also bitpay! why?
it seems human mind is very lazy or very simple in its functionality
always trying to find the “well known” in whatever we see!?
anyway, the future will show the greatness of nu desing

I read it as is, BitBay, and BitBay was one of the companies that took part in a conference I was organizing recently:

but I guess it’s not the same BitBay, though the name is “the same”.

This is a Polish crypto exchange, I know they want to expand to operating abroad, but the BitBay from the OP is a different entity.

now I read your comment @thExit :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I was about to reply to your BM but wanted to check here for Bay’s country, I think I saw some “oriental” country from my geo location, but now I can’t find it. BitBay and (Bit)Bay names will be confusing, as the Polish exchange wants to reach international markets. We’ll see who’ll win :slight_smile: