Nubits Marketing plan for Chinese Market via 8btc

Dear All,
I am proposing a marketing plan for nubits on 8btc, which is currently 1# media outlets( and community ( in China.

The plan includes:

  1. Creation of subforum on 8btc
  2. Ad slots on 8btc forum.
  3. Translation cost for all related articles.
  4. Awareness promotion campaigns on (e.g
  5. PR articles channel on
  6. Lucky wheel distribution:
  7. Hiring of a part-time Chinese rep. (deal with coin distribution and campaigns )
  8. Rewards for native Chinese blogger on NBT/NSR.

The above suggestions are open for discussion.
As I am working for 8btc, I am not in a position to handle the funds, which, if granted, shall be controlled by a designated member of the community.


good job


Very happy to see this! Let’s work together to ensure consistency in our marketing messages across countries.

Will you be requesting a custodial grant for the funds?

I’m unfamiliar with a lucky wheel - could you describe it for those of us who haven’t heard of it? Is it a gambling game like roulette?

I’m very glad to see this marketing plan presented. I think we may be on the brink of a period of major NSR price increases, and it will help greatly to have an expanded Chinese marketing presence during this time.



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We’ve been buying back more and more every week, and we’re running out of sellers.


The lucky wheel allows every forum ID to spin the wheel once on a daily basis. It’s more like an ad slot to gain more exposure. You can see that there are various prizes sitting on different slots. Most recent addition is dash. Their marketing plan is to split 3 dash to up to 6 winners every day. It’s up to the community to decide whatever strategy that fits.

Consistency is very important to the marketing plan. I am thinking of a 6-12 month plan.
I don’t know much about a custodial grant for the funds. But the marketing plan does requires certain funds to achieve the goal described above. If that’s viable, I shall come up with a budgeted details.
Also I will ask the Chinese community to chime in.




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It’s a great initiative. As Nubits advances and evolves a lot since a year ago, frankly speaking I’m not familiar with the present operation of LPC/buy wall and sell wall because I’m not a trade guy and I have little knowledge about trade. I think the most important is to let people know what a success Nubits achieves now and how it achieves, and have them use it and get a further understanding of Nubits during their using process. The promotion target users right now should be those trade guys and arbitrageur, afaics there are so much room for it in the volatile market and so many guys are doing it right now with their best endeavors in the current environment of foreign exchange control.


Thanks for the support. I have pointed Gavin to this thread. Gavin is in charge of our business cooperation. His email is @tomjoad

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Thanks @miner I will send him an email tomorrow! If he is able to sign up for I’m sure shareholders would enjoy hearing about and building relationships.

Just following up that I have emailed Gavin at q at 8btc dot com.

Thanks for the info. Gavin is on business trip from today on so I expect the response could take longer.

I’ll join you, :slight_smile:

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Could you send it again and cc me:

One thing note-worthy is that the marketing is a systematic job.
Check out the dash channel:
We need to locate some good writers as well to continuously pushing more exposures of nubits.
Thanks for the support of @Sabreiib , he is really good at contributing contents.

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Message sent.[quote=“miner, post:17, topic:3018”]
One thing note-worthy is that the marketing is a systematic job.

I agree that a proper marketing approach takes many talented people. Most NuShareholders (myself included) are not knowledgeable about possible Chinese content contributors, so we hope you’ll feel empowered to make those decisions on your own. What we can help with is providing key messages and concepts.

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8btc crowdfunding has reached 110% of initial goal of 2m RMB and 9 more days to go.

BTW, our BD manager has sent you the promotion proposal. Please check your email.

I no longer run marketing, I’m just a shareholder. I would encourage him to present his proposal to shareholders directly here, as 8btc is requesting a fee and so it would need to be authorized by all shareholders.