NuBits Live Price

NuBits is remarkably stable at 1.00USD.
A twitter account that would automatically tweet its price on live, will emphasize how stable it is and have a great effect, marketing wise.

Any one?


I like the idea.

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I think I’m going to develop that price tweeter account myself - perhaps I may want to ask for custodian grants

That would be perfect for a bounty

I would vote for the grant if it includes the liquidity, i.e:

Demand : NBTs at >= USD 1.002$
Supply _ : NBTs at <= USD 1.000$

You have that in the client

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This twitter account will mainly target who doesn’t have the client to convince potential users - especially merchants- that there is enough demand to sell the Nubits they may accept.

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This twitter app is probably highly demanded.
It is similar to @assistant bot.

Hi cryptog

I didn’t recognise your command

Send me a PM with the first word ‘help’ to see a list of available commands

Is there anyone working on this?

not that I know of

How would it be if we had a current display on how much should be the current price of nubits?
It shows a link to a small pop-up window that always renews itself and displays current nubitsprice. btc the price is taken as a medium price of various exchanges.
So you have a comparison, if you want to buy on his Exchange.