NuBits in danger of being de-listed from Bittrex?

This market is in danger of de-listing due to low trade volume and lack of user interest. It may be removed on Aug 7th unless the average daily trade volume for the last 7 days exceeds 0.2 BTC.

This is the message across the top of the nbt/btc page on Bittrex. As a larger well known exchange we would have hoped to see more use on it, but it seems to be the least used exchange on our listing.

This is very worrying… we had a give away and the initial volume looked promising if I recall correctly.


I have mixed feelings about this. I’ll watch closely

Well the thing is that most users are speculators. Nbt is stable. So nbt is useless as a crypto trading instrument for centralized exchanges.
Nbt is useful as a synthetic dollar in BCE.


Bittrex is I believe used by Shapeshift. I’m also working with and they are also using Bittrex, so only for that reason we shouldn’t let this happen. Maybe we need to invest in a trading bot creating traffic? Not great, the alternative is to pay them, not great either. Any other ideas to make trading more attractive over there?

If we want NBT to be success, must try to find a way that people consume it. A stable currency( or lossing value with infaltion) is meaningless for speculators while most users in cryptocurrency world are speculators.

For example, B&C exchange fee, bitmessage fee, or anti-spams fee, let’s find the demand right now.

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I suspect something else is going on as there is enough trading on Poloniex and There must be some value in doing that. Most likely hedging against volatile coins I suppose, but why not on Bittrex? Rates, registration requirements, bad support, difficult withdraws or something else? Would be good to know so we can provide that feedback to Bittrex.

This is not healthy application of NBT, they are couterpart of our LPCs.

If customers avoid volatile risk of holding BTC by tranfering into NBT, our LPC suffers the exact risk, and then LPCs demand higher reward which bleeds our system equity.

Now we just put our customers and LPCs into a fighting against each other position. The whole system cannot benefit from this.

To survive and for brighter future, we MUST develope healthy demand of NBT/BKC.

Mmm i am pretty sure shapeshift used to use poloniex

Nobody seems to pay attention to numbers. The volume printed on in the last 24hr was 7.8 btc and 2.6btc in the previous 24 hrs. It seems the average is well above 0.2btc/day.

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What has the daily volume been like over the last month though? It must have been low to have triggered this warning message. And has the volume only temporarily spiked? We need to find some way to make sure it continues this way.

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Perhaps the easiest way to fix this is ask shapeshift if they can split up their volume. It is in their interest to have multiple exchanges at their disposal.

One can find volume history here
There have indeed been low volume lately (btc price flat and summer vacation starting?)

It’s not hard for a holder to buy/sell to keep NuBits of being removed…
If someone really cared, they would take action.

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How about B&C exchange development? This will be the main exchange for NBT/crypto pair. The FIAT/NBT pair, of course, belongs to traditional exchange.

Over $2,000 worth of trading volume on Bittrex today. That should boost the weekly average to over 0.2 BTC per day.

Buying/selling nubits with the tight spread we have indeed, can generate some volume at a very tiny price.

Not so dangerous any more, I think:

I don’t know the time frame in which the volume is summed up. But this volume of 41 BTC beats the required weekly average by ore than factor 200 :slight_smile:

How is this doing? I noticed the warning is still up on the website.

nbt/btc is #142.