NuBits Client Takes Forever to Download the BlockChain

I am using the latest version of the Nu client, and lately it has been taking forever to download the blockchain. I open the client every two-three days, and it still takes at least 1-1.5 hours to catch up.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

Hi Lako, I’ve just started my NuBits client and after 3 days it took arount 5 minutes to fully update, I haven’t noticed anything unusual lately…

hmmm… I still have to wait 30 mins to download the blockchain after 3 days.

I don’t know if I have something in my firewall or I just have a slow internet connection. The weird thing is, is that I can download the Peercoin blockchain after 3 days of no use in 5-7 mins.

Is the normal amount of connections to the Nu network supposed to be 8?

Yes, 8 is the normal amount of connections. The Peercoin block chain processes 10x slower than the Nu block chain, so if it takes 3 minutes to synch there, it conceivably will take ~30 min for Nu.