NuBits: articles in the press [2014/12/14]


This is great and probably increasing traffic to our sites. And just added an important comment on something which is not featured and undervalued as Jordan also emphasized yesterday in one of his posts. See Cryptoarticles link above.

very good promotion. i would expect also an article from coindesk since i think it is one of the most readable coin sites

Coindesk is hyper focussed on Bitcoin. I can’t imagine them posting an article about NuBits anytime soon.
…although I agree that it would be nice to read about NuBits there…

Yes in the meantime lets enjoy the articles coming out from cryptoarticles maybe letting cointelegraph and others start the pen as well, have already gven them material as well.

Have a look in following summary of last two articles from cryptoarticles, and dont forget to retweet the twitters I do on all of this. Another two article from Cryptoarticles is coming later this week with more technical aspects included. You can thank me all for doing your trading on if you don’t already! Welcome, already now we have added 12 langauge interfaces and another 8 coming up before christmas. Enjoy en francais, italiano, espanol etc.

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