NuBits added to coingecko, NSR soon

They seem to have an interesting yet complex approach to the score.

EDIT: I don’t like the short “About” they pasted about NuBits. Can anybody provide me with a better one? I am in touch via email and ask them to update it.


Awesome. I suggested NBT/NSR only 2 days ago to their site. Really quick!

bobby CE Ong 05:27 (10 hours ago)
Hi Willy,
NuBits is now live on CoinGecko! will be working to add NuShares next. Thank you for your suggestion.

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How about something like this?

NuBits (NBT) are the world’s first stable decentralized digital currency. One NuBit is designed to always be worth $1.00 US.

NuBits was released on September 23, 2014 by a veteran group of Peercoin developers and community members, led by Jordan Lee. It was developed from the same stable and secure code that Peercoin and Bitcoin use. A full white paper, FAQs, technical documentation, and other information are available on

For the first time in history, anyone can safely and privately store a digital currency that is stable in value by using NuBits.

gr8! Hey @willy, would you mind suggesting the edit proposed by @tomjoad above? Its better if its a person different from myself =)

no problemo.

@tomjoad’s text is live on coingecko (with some slight modifications)

Here is the proposal for the NSR text from Coingecko’s Bobby:

NuShares are units held by individuals who wish to help support and maintain the Nu network. Owning NuShares is not required to use NuBits. Instead, NuShares are intended to be a source of network equity for developers, entrepreneurs, and speculators. NuShareholders can receive network revenues in the form of Peercoin dividends paid out by a custodian. NuShareholders can cast votes for actions that positively affect the Nu network. These actions help adjust the supply and demand for NuBits so that they will always remain at a long-term USD1.00 value.

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Looks good to me @willy. It’s the same text we use on BTER for NSR, except with the last two sentences added. Just want to make sure they get the space in between USD and 1.00, or write 1.00 USD.

This made it visible that we have no source code activity. This is weighing heavy on our score on coingecko. The lack of open source code will become more visible now we are working hard to get us listed everywhere. I think it is time to raise the motion for the open source voting, even if it is only from a marketing perspective.

Edit: having motions around might also get a few more minting!

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NSR now live as well