NuBit lending begins

I was pleased to see this, as it provides a way for investors to make money with NuBits:


Isn’t there some way that shareholders can work with these lending institutions directly and collect a fee on profits earned. I was even thinking of loan custodians and higher risk venture capital custodians that could work directly with shareholders.

It would somehow allow Nu as a business to generate income and shareholders a way to receive network revenue through dividends other than printing and selling new NuBits.

This would make being a NuShareholder more desirable and profitable, though I’m not sure how this can be done. Nu would take the role of central bank and try to find ways to profit from its relationships with smaller banks around the world.

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Was this PureCentral business opportunity significant? any return for Nu, in any shape or form?

Did you click the link in the OP?
Better visit to find out that NBT is not listed there…

The link in OP seems to be a harmful referral url