NuATM machine is the future?

at the current moment you can go buy Bitcoins at any bitcoin Atm but you cant get cash from it by depositing bitcoins

my idea for the for future of Nubits usd Peg 1$ would be

getting in touch with Atm machine providers in the Future and have them make a NuATM for cash & buy nubits from anywhere that holds a NuATM lets say im in a restaurant and I have my smart phone with a nubits wallet app or NuCard and don’t have any cash on me i would only need to find a Nu-atm near me and use my Nuwallet or NuCard to get cash from a NuATM i would be able to buy nubits as well by deposit in to my app Nuwallet or refilling my NuCard Credits from the same NuATM with cash via QR code minus the fees and exchange rates from different countries of course


My future does look slightly different, however appears a bit further away than yours :wink:

People would only use ATMs to buy cryptocurrencies. They buy Bitcoins etc. to speculate. When they need a currency they either buy NuBits or exchange the Bitcoins to NuBits. When they need to pay at a merchant only accepting Bitcoins they use our Android wallet with built-in Shapeshift to pay the merchant seamlessly or just look for a merchant accepting NuBits natively.

In the short term I’m with you that we still need to make ATM providers support NBT though. I also see a market for pre-paid cards available at local outlets which can easily be redeemed for NBT on your wallet.

OT: What kind of mobile is this?

There are networks where this is already possible. In Spain with btcpoint + halcash you can withdraw BTC at several ATMs.
This is how it works:

  • Open the app or the web interface
  • Send BTC (or NBT via shapeshift) and leave a phone number
  • Upon confirmation of payment received (less then one minute) you’ll receive an SMS with a “redeemable code”
  • Go to the closest ATM and withdraw via halcash providing your phone number and the code
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