Nu update 2.0.1 released

Hi everyone,

2.0.1 has been released to address the St12out_of_range error in ‘getinfo’ that some of you have experienced. This release in not mandatory if you have already upgraded to v2.

Windows 2.0.1 Download
Sha 256 sum: 4b195ed804035b71d4bcdf5f7a9769d19baeec54326637a381a6511811b51a9a

Linux 2.0.1 Download
Sha 256 sum: 53cad624f0986311b81e0942de7f2d3a0cc98fa8f0a73d2c3c176cf1707300d0

OSX 2.0.1 Download
Sha 256 sum: 8f5d7b7a3ef8095fa2dce9a4fcede31b6cfb16f74c99ba594816e48492449782


I just lost over $900 USD, on a nubits transaction because the wallet crashed before I could save the wallet.dat file. Now I can’t get the nubits that I traded peercoin for on shapeshifter.

Just downloaded the new nubits 2.0.1 wallet and it crashed too.


Dude, wat? wallet.dat contains private keys that are there whether nud is running or not. You can’t lose nbt because the wallet software crashed, it’s not possible. Do you know how bitcoin works?

My wallet v2.0.1beta hangs on block 51140
Shows connections 4 and restart dont work
what else can i do … Perhaps my connection is to low?

You need to upgrade. There has been a fork recently.

That client version looks good. No upgrade needed.

My bad. :frowning: i m really bad at remembering version numbers…