Nu messaging platform, is it a must?

As it seems, Every Big Messaging platform is trying to add money transferring Service, Even Remittance Apps is Acquiring Messaging platforms now.
the advantages of it Can be easily imagined if you aim to reach Non-crypto communities who won’t find Public addresses Very attractive, Nor Care enough about Privacy, security or decentralization to get out of facebook Messaging App and Use Nudroid instead.
Yet messaging over the blockChain is not the only option, what about using a well established encrypted messaging app open source like (signal/ textSecure) ?!!

Or Could we offer an Api for every messaging or Gaming platform to use Nubits as its money transferring free infrastructure where users /gamers would be instructed when needed to the best way to redeem their USD from the Nearest merchants, Atm Or Point of sale that supports Nu.

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This post is for @CoinGame. I spoke to Emeth about the status of Peermessage yesterday and he said he’s mainly been waiting for Sunny to release v0.5. He’s just been enjoying the summer while waiting, since v0.5 is a required release for integration.

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Oh that’s cool. Thanks.

@Sentinelrv Any idea when v0.5 will be released?

Nope. I actually thought Sunny would have put it out by now. Last I heard it was in testing. I’m assuming it could be released anytime now.

Sunny is like a Taoist monk, he has a very soft hand approach to development. I bet he drinks a lot of green tea.

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