[Nu Lagoon] The Nu Lagoon is supportting Bitcoin.co.id now | NAV: 1.062 @ 14 May

Thank you @henry for that addition and understanding my point.

Accounting report of 16th Apr was published. NAV: 1.0444. The first three fund withdraw orders were processed successfully.


@assistant tip 2 @henry

Bitcoin.co.id now is supported by the Nu Lagoon.



Accounting report of 23th Apr was published. NAV: 1.0535.


The Nu Lagoon participants and potential participants please aware that motions which aim to cap the monthly custodian fee of the Nu Lagoon are voting now on the community.

Now the manage fee rate is 0.1% while the custodian fee rate is 0.34%. The manage fee rate will drop while the custodian fee cap is reached and custodian fee rate drops. The dividing ratio of custodian fee between pool manager and pool participants remain 10:24.

The Terms of Nu Lagoon Pool A was updated accordingly. https://github.com/henrynu/NuLagoon/blob/master/Terms%20of%20Pool%20A.md

Participants who oppose or disapprove new motions and new terms of the pool are free to quit the pool before the new motion begin effective.


Does it mean that after 1 month of operation, the return is more or less 5% on the money you invested 1 month ago? In that case, it is not that far from the 7.2% expected.
So we can evaluate the loss due to bitcoin volatility to 2.2%.
However, the volatility could have been much worse and in that case, I am not sure if the monthly return would have been even positive.
Have you thought about using some sort of hedge to maximize the probability to be in the green for liquidity providers?
Besides it seems that most of the funds are in nbts…So the fund is on the sell side for the most part.

Yes. We are completely passive managing the pool, except manually balance the buy or sell side of liquidity when needed.

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Accounting report of 30th Apr was published. NAV: 1.0641.


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Accounting report of 07th May was published. NAV: 1.0416.


Great job Henry as usual!
i guess NU lagoon is more profitable than current park rates?
i am too lazy to do the maths :smiley:

Right now i think it is.

Accounting report of 14th May was published. NAV: 1.062.


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Does NuLagoon plan to support CCEDK?

I can think of using CCEDK’s commission free trading plan

to provide liquidity in non-fiat trading pairs with zero hedging risk by proxying the non-fiat pairs to USD - at a flat fee of 99 NBT per year.
This approach might be worthwhile for a concept like NuLagoon, which operates with the users funds, but isn’t compatible with the TLLP concept as far as I understand it.

By proxying I mean: NuLagoon offers BTC/NBT.
In case of dwindling BTC prices, traders might hedge using NBT.
If NuLagoon keeps the BTC it has to shoulder the volatility risk, reducing the overall profitability.
At a flat fee of 99 NBT per year, NuLagoon can exchange the received BTC in the BTC/USD pair to USD evading the volatility risk of BTC.

This can be useful for balancing walls in general as well.


Accounting report of 21th May was published. NAV: 1.0622.


I found I can’t update the title of the topic now, I don’t know why.

Is it possible that the NuBot could do it automatically in future?

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  1. Nu Lagoon Pool C and Pool D open for deposit now. >>
  2. NBT trading volume on Bitcoin.co.id rise remarkably recently. >>
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Accounting report of Pool A, C and D at 28th May was published. NAV of Pool A reach a record high: 1.0868.


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The BTC deposit address for Pool A has been updated to 1PwUThmFLvUHp4WYoeDL15GggrHkD3Capw
Take a look at nulagoon.com



What’s really been limited to 5k NBT by that (passed) motion? Does that mean that 5k NBT is the max monthly “profit” limit (CTDFee + MNGFee) for all Total Asset (A+C+D) inside all 3 Pools (~1250k NBT per week)?