[Nu Lagoon] The Nu Lagoon is supportting Bitcoin.co.id now | NAV: 1.062 @ 14 May

2015-04-02 1.0157 14159.886.

The total assets on this date are 14k NBT.
Does it correspond to the combined buy side + sell side liquidities offered by NuLagoon?

Yes. It should correspond to the combined buy side + sell side liquidities.
After Nu Lagoon support poloniex and bitcoinid at the same time, The liquidityinfos on both exchanges will be aggregated and report by the same custodian address.


Accounting report of 09th Apr is published. NAV: 1.0551


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2015-04-09 1.0551 18482.35 <-- Total assets .

Very interestingly, the total assets have been growing on a regular basis since the inception.

this pool is more easy than the trustless pool but more risky as well. i guess each method has its ups and downs :slight_smile:

To which extent is it more risky?

For any amount?

How many liquidity custodians do we have on NuLagoon vs NuPool?


Your post here is damaging to the NuBits brand. http://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/32fgnx/earn_72_monthly_return_or_130_annual_return_by/

Making investment promises is a sure-way to get targeted by regulatory agencies, especially if those liquidity return rates might not be attained in the future. It also makes NuBits seem like Paycoin. I would highly suggest you delete the thread immediately.

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I think posting a weekly cumulative post would be more fitting for r/cryptocurrency. I’ve seen a couple of complaints over the last few months.

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Well, first of all, I did not sign up customers and promise them (i.e. guarantee them thru an agreement or contract) a return.
The use of “earn” in my tittle suggests that participants can enjoy a return hypothetically if they provide liquidity.

Second, I litterally copy-pasted NuLagoo.com description or “terms of use”.

By rule of consistency, you will have first to ask henry to withdraw nulagoon.com (public site) OR modify its expected returns or whatever you think makes NU looks bad.
I will then mirror its contents back in my tweets and reddit posts.

In my opinion Henry’s wording is more nuanced, and alludes to the possibility that multiple outside factors (including BTC volatility as well as shareholders voting for cheaper liquidity providers) may negatively impact those rates.

Your title “Earn 7.2% monthly return or 130% annual return by providing liquidity to support Nubits pegging at $1” could very easily be interpreted as an absolute promise. It could also easily be misinterpreted by those users who are unfamiliar with us as a promise made by NuBits developers, as opposed to a community liquidity pool. In any case, 130% guaranteed return on investments don’t exist anywhere in the world.

You aren’t being consistent, you selectively chose that statement absent of the risks context.

I’ll respectful second Tom’s original request to either modify the title of the post or to remove it outright.

Probably this should be taken into account in the title: “The actual return could be less or more than expected because of the volatility of BTC price against USD and other factors.”

In my understanding, you will earn 7.2% exactly in just one case: BTC/USD stays constant during all duration of the pool activity.
So you will never earn 7.2%. It could be more or it could be less.
Right now, since BTC/USD is going down, it would be probably less.

Maybe the title could be modified to: “Expect to earn 7.2%…” or “Try to earn around 7.2% …”.
“Earn 7.2%” could mislead people to believe that earning 7.2% is a certain thing,…which is not the case at all.
If the return was a certainty, the rate would be much lower :smile:

I am sorry, but I have to play the devil’s advocate.
Right, the “risks”.
Please refer me to the direct description (theoretical elaboration and/or concrete examples) of the risk of loss on nulagoon.com

Henry covers them, briefly, in the section you called out above.

What you used as the title of the Reddit post and what the NuLagoon site says are similar, but the context and choice of language are important.

You obviously disagree with this assessment.

What you wrote is not based on reality (do you seriously believe that you’ll see a 130% annualized return?) and from the comments posted by others already indicate that what you perceived to be a positive has been taken negatively.

In any case, it’s my personal opinion that your posting will have the direct opposite effect than what you intend it to be.

You have the right to post whatever you want on Reddit, I just hope you think through the impacts that your posts there have.


Again, my intention was, is and has been to be mirror nulagoon.com purported public statements and see the reactions of the crypto-community.
If Nu’s community has a relatively vehement reaction to my reddit post title, I am afraid it means Nu is not ready to put forth such pool and/or purport such returns and/or does not control well the risks.

You are missing the point. It is how you presented the information, not what you presented that is causing the reaction.


  1. We will add a Risk Disclosure Statement section to the Nu Lagoon’s official documents soon.
  2. Nubot v0.2.0 was released, we will start operation on Bitcoin.co.id in production soon.

Thank you @henry for that addition and understanding my point.

Accounting report of 16th Apr was published. NAV: 1.0444. The first three fund withdraw orders were processed successfully.