Nu does not make it in the list but Pebble does

Nu not mentioned in 19 Crypto 2.0 Projects to Watch in 2015 from Coindesk

Nu cannot be ignored when you consider the daily trade volume of NBT and the solid peg.

It does not surprise me at all that Coindesk deliberately ignores Nu but I am curious about the reasons why.

So Why?

Well several potential reasons:

  • the bitcoin community does not want to recognize that there are far better design out there
  • the bitcoin community does not want to publicize Nu so that they can buy NSR at a relatively low price.

I would like to know your thoughts.

PS: By the way, I am not implying that Nu marketing if failing in any way.

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They were pretty ignoring about peercoin too.
I wouldn’t consider any of this journalism.

They ignoring in general PPC community and devs and whatever project comes out of them.
But they cannot ignore NU and storj in the long term :wink:

I thought it was pretty well known that Coindesk is a pay for press outlet by now. Since our marketing team does not pay to be covered anywhere I would imagine that’s the reason.

Then we should make a motion or proposal to print NU for marketing?

Like @CoinGame said… I think a no “pay-for-press” ruling is fine.

We shouldn’t support such media streams.

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Let me clarify. We do have a marketing budget and @tomjoad has been fantastic in utilizing it for worthwhile projects and managing relationships that will benefit the visibility of Nu. The NuBits video should be coming out soon as well which is a big milestone in the marketing roadmap. We’re just not paying these kinds of sites for coverage. I agree with @willy. I don’t think we should, or that we need to.

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They also ignored NXT, just to name one. From the comment you can see that those project came from a survey they submitted to the community . meh

I don’t put much faith in conspiracy theories, namely that a shadowy group of Bitcoin enthusiasts are buying NSR cheaply. NSR volume averages between $10-$50K most days - insignificant for now compared to the overall cryptotrading market.

I’ll re-state it again: our policy is not to pay for journalistic coverage. Advertorials are perhaps useful in short-term situations for increasing awareness, but do little to drive meaningful engagement with a product.

NuBits has been in the top 5 of daily trading most days the past two months. Adoption is growing and our design is being mentioned in discussions among other major cryptocurrency projects. There is at least one interview I’m aware of that has been conducted that will be released in the near future in a major Bitcoin news source. Having one particular source (CoinDesk) ignore us doesn’t affect us much.


storj is part of the list.

I did not know that Vitalik mentioned it. Tks for pointing out.

Last time this coindesk topic came up…

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I think the anonymity of the creators is playing a big part in the reason for no mention of Nu in this article… CoinDesk is naturally weary about altcoins and usually avoids publishing anything to do with Dogecoin. The pebble team are people I personally know, as well as staff at CoinDesk, all of whom are very active in the space and are putting themselves out there.

Nu needs a representative with a real name and face.

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That community can only be the large Bitcoin holders community given the outcomes. How do you mean biased?
BTW It occurred to me that the BitShares community is leaning more and more to the Bitcoin community. In every video they are stressing the fact that they are serving the Bitcoin community… Interesting strategy at least leading to the fact that they now get occasionaly mentioned by the Bitcoin community. But I digress again…

True, that likely helps.

NuBits needs NuBit Jesus :smiley: perhaps we can lure Bitcoin Jesus into becoming one?

I think many people still don’t even know about the existence of NuNet. My approach has been advocating NuBits as much as it is appropriate so that my posts wouldn’t seem like dull advertising but instead relevant to the discussion. For example, check out this:
and this:

I like the marketing policy of NuBits so far. We should never pay for press but instead we should be so awesome that we cannot be ignored. Sooner or later NuBits goes viral, we just have to make sure that random internet explorers can discover NuBits in every major gathering point of cryptocurrency enthuisiasts.


That’s really great @Hyena ! We need to be where the crypto people (i.e. pre early adopters) are.
I also agree on that we need people that are interested in attending on podcasts and speak on conferences.

I do not think that Mr Ver is appropriate for Nu.

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I met him a couple of times in Tokyo. Friendly and easy person to talk to though.

I haven’t heard much from him lately. Is he still sticking to bitcoins or is he too moving on to altcoins?

So far he has always been bitcoin-centric…