Nu Blind Auction NSR #3 (closed)

Lot: 7,200,000 NSR (NuShares)
Estimated reserve price: 0.0013 US‐NBT/NSR or 100 satoshi/NSR (0.00000100 BTC)
Minimum bid: 100,000 NSR
Closes: End of Friday 2016–07–08 UTC

  • I promise to keep identities confidential, but blockchain transactions cannot be hidden.
  • All bids will be publicly listed after auction closes, before payment has been collected.
  • Bids are prioritised by price, then bid time down to the minute, and last quantity.
  • Time of bids with be set according to when the client says it was received (forum, email server, Bitmessage).
  • Winning bidders will be sent a unique US‑NBT or BTC address and need to pay within 48 hours after time specified in message (the time I send it).
  • Proceeds in US‐NBT will be burned within three days of receiving them, and burn transactions posted publicly.
  • Proceeds in BTC will be handled according to then current regulations.


Use subject: Nu Blind Auction NSR #3`

  • Private message.
  • BM-2cVrqHUd3LNLDSGxJF4DCLnF3moFwcxNgy


I’d like to bid 150 US‑NBT for 100,000 NSR.

I’d like to bid 1000 US NuBits at 0.002 price (US‑NBT/NSR) (equaling 500,000 NuShares).


1000 NSR available.

A bids 500 US‑NBT at price P on Monday.
B bids 1000 US‑NBT at price P on Tuesday.

A wins and B wins the remainder, i.e. half of their bid.

Reserve price

Estimated reserve price is set at the beginning of auction.

Final reserve price is set at the end of auction. A bit of discretion will be employed to counteract potential market manipulation.

Reserve price is set to 15% below market price.


NuShare market price: $0.000777
NuBit market price: $0.51

15% below NuShare market price: 0.000777 * 0.85 = 0.00066045

0.00066045 * (100/51) = 0.001295

0.0013 US-NBT/NSR

0.00066045 USD is 0.00000098 BTC (98 satoshi).

100 satoshi/NSR


I screwed up the reserve price calculation. Please confirm it’s correct now.

Forum admins, can we get auction threads pinned globally please? Perhaps as Chief of Liquidity Operations I should have permissions to do such things.

This auction closes in about 8 hours.

Auction closed.

Auction details.

Final reserve price is set to 87 satoshi.

Payment requested from winning bidder.

Payment received and NuShares sent.