Nu and wikipedia

This morning I stumbled upon the only reference to NuBits in wikipedia, suriprisingly cited in the first paragraph of PoS implementation :

Other coins/networks have their own entry on wikipedia… I believe we should make a community effort to get ours up there.

EDIT: someone should also probably suggest an edit under “criticism” of PoS, about the Nothing at stake issue. Currently there is no reference to jordan+mike’s approach


I’m willing to help write/edit this if there are others who can lead the project. I’m unfamiliar with Wikipedia’s content generation system.

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Anyone familiar with wikipedia contents generation?

I took the liberty of creating

It is mainly a copy paste, so feedback is welcome and improvements are much appreciated.


Thank you for starting wikipedia entries!

The last link is in danger of being removed, because it “may meet Wikipedia’s criteria for speedy deletion as a copyright infringement”:

I don’t know whether telling wikipedia that it’s copied from Redirecting… and not from (like asserted) can save it from being deleted.

I already have informed that. Just have to wait till any reputable wikipedia user reviews it.

Thanks for taking the initiative to start this @ttutdxh. What is the easiest way for the community to collaborate on more in-depth content?

I know Wikipedia often requires “notability” in its inclusions, so we should also add something along the lines of

NuBits are notable for being the first decentralized cryptocurrency to maintain a $1.00 US price peg for a period of one year, having accomplished it on September 23, 2015. The Nu project is considered a global pioneer in the creation of decentralized stable-value cryptocurrencies.

Hopefully the more technically-inclined shareholders among us can put forth some content regarding the Nu blockchain.

Just got NuShares and Peershares pages deleted.

So now I started “personal pages” until the content is correctly redacted and ready to be moved to the main page.
Anyone can edit on the top right, just make sure to comply with

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I have been trying to find citations for “secondary sources” so I can add them to Wikipedia, but there is only a few, and of bad quality.

We don’t have third parties that corroborate our claims, press articles or external analyses.
A google search is mostly “official” pages, like, twitter, reddit and facebook pages etc.
It seems that NuBits only exist inside it’s own community.

I know we do not contemplate paid advertising, but maybe we need to find someone to make independent press articles.

For example Roger Aitken mentions NuBits in this Forbes article. Maybe he could write a whole new article about NuBits, considering the momentum and current growth in utility.

We are now the second cryptocurrency by volume in Poloniex, over BitShares, and we don’t even have a fraction of BitShares media coverage.


NBT is the second cryptocurrency by volume at Poloniex, but only on place 9 overall:

The interesting part is that NBT is in the top ten by trading volume, although it’s only place 52 by market cap.
The market cap is only a fraction of the market cap of all other ones in the top ten.
The ratio between market cap and volume is roughly 1.6:1 which is orders of magnitude lower (e.g. BTC ~24:1 ; LTC ~ 10:1; ETH ~ 20:1; Ripple ~ 140:1) than the ratio of all other top ten currencies.
Obviously NBT does a good job as currency, circulating a lot at a stable price!


The point is that we do not have media coverage, our numbers may be good but they do not exist outside our own claims.

Would the podcast that I did with Let’s Talk Bitcoin be considered a valid, external source?

I guess? It should be. Definitely don’t know.

Is there anyone in the community with experience editing Wikipedia articles?
That would help a lot.

Seems like has made it?
Feels good.


This article needs more links to other articles to help integrate it into the encyclopedia. Please help improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text. (November 2015)


The Cato Institute article is probably a really great reference to use now.