Nu and B&C social media accounts

All the credentials for the B&C and Nu social media accounts have been handed over to me recently. I will verify the validity of all accounts over Easter and change some of the credentials where appropriate.

Once I’m satisfied with that I will share the Nu social media accounts’ credentials with @phoenix as per his earlier motion. I prefer to co-own them with @phoenix and ideally with someone else taking up professional marketing. This would enable the shareholders to spread any relevant messages and pick up the marketing efforts without being dependant on a sole person. I hope to get some feedback on that position from the other Nu shareholders.

Regarding the B&C accounts I suggest we discuss the options we have. I’m happy to be the custodian of them as one of the B&C shareholders, but would ideally like to share the credentials with at least another large shareholder with a presence on the forum which I can trust till a formal motion on what to do with them has passed.

Anyway I will follow up in this thread once I have checked them all as above.


Short update on this:

The credentials I have been provided for the @OfficialNuBits and @BC_Exchange no longer work. I have logged a ticket with Twitter on how best to proceed to regain access again.

Also the credentials for the NuShares Facebook account no longer work. Will follow up on this later, not an immediate priority. Once I have the Twitter, I will try Facebook. Might make it a bit easier.
I don’t believe there was ever a BCExchange Facebook account.

I have been successfully been able to login the NuBits moderator account for r/NuBits. That is good. So be careful what you post there :slight_smile:
Still need to look into the r/BCExchange account.

I have obtained access to an somewhat obsolete account called NuProject which was used to advertise for developers. Not very useful, but will keep it in the collection.

Also been unsuccessful on this one. It should provide access to Google+ which isn’t used often and Youtube, but I’m not aware of any posted videos. Will park this one for now.

I now have access to the Github account for the website. So if there are any changes I have the ability to approve proposed changes. Will only do by motion or in case of obvious updates of links e.g. for new client.

Still need to dive into access for email address and BCExchange bitcointalk user.
Please let me know if you are aware of any other social media accounts Nu or B&C used to have.


I’m very happy to hear about this. I am trying to make arrangements for transfer of the accounts, and will report back soon.

Has there been progress? Would like to retweet with a link to the NSR/BTC pair and advertise Cryptopia for NuShare trading:

Unfortunately Twitter has not been very responsive to date.

Here is another update:
Having discussions with Twitter regarding resetting of password for @officialnubits. Providing some credentials to continue as requested by them. This may take another week or so, but I think we are getting close.

I do have access to Apparently this has been abandoned for more than a year looking at the messages being read. I believe this greatly helps to obtain access to other accounts.

Followed up with the coinpayment guys but they stopped replying to my requests. I’ve noticed that there are a couple of other coins not synchronised, so it appears they have wider issues than just us. I’m keen on this one as this and Twitter account may help for a relisting on BTW Shapeshift is not responding to my request, will try a few other avenues.

My focus is on Twitter and Shapeshift, I haven’t progress the others as I believe we need our social media back first and once I’m successful with Twitter I think I can use the same predicament for the others.


Thanks for doing this important work @Cybnate!