NSR Buyback Stats

NSR Buybacks - Google Spreadsheets


can you setup a google doc and edited ?

I haven’t really done that before, but here’s my attempt:

Very nice. Can you also put the equivalent amount in usd?

Using what price/feed?

Well the price to determine the buybacks. I will dig into that and provide the info.

You mean the weekly btc price? I’m just not sure that info is super relevant becacause of how much the btc price fluctuates in between our weekly snapshot.

Yes. Because buybacks come nubits sales. Usd denomination is an accurate indication of how many nubits sales it corresponds to.


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I can see you used the NSR unit price.
I was thinking about the btc price such as 433.88 usd in here for example.

EDIT: Sorry I just noticed the value in USD. Please discard what i have just said above.