NSR Buyback #22 - Week of March 7, 2016


This account will be conducting NSR buybacks in accordance with this motion. Each buyback week a new thread will be created for shareholders to monitor. At the conclusion of the week the final results will be posted here along with a confirmation link showing the NSR burn. The thread will then be locked.

The only goal of this account is to purchase as many NSR as possible each buyback week to be destroyed using the funds provided by shareholders. A successful NSR burn will result in all shareholders attaining a larger equity percentage of the Nu network than they held before the NSR burn.

If you would like to sell us your personal NSR for less than 70% of the market price each week, send an email to nagalimnu@gmail.com to negotiate a deal.


The previous 2 weeks were skipped due to buyback funds being lower than the $2,500 threshold. This is the 22nd buyback.

This week will begin with 11.32664 BTC estimated at 4,602.47 NBT

##Most Recent Ten Buybacks:

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(NSR Buyback #21 - Week of February 15, 2016)

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Beginning amount of buyback funds: 11.33 BTC

Market price: 0.0000605 BTC

Buyback price: 0.00000424 BTC (70% of market price)

Exchanges: Poloniex

Buy walls are set.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Beginning amount of buyback funds: 11.33 BTC

Market price: 0.0000705 BTC

Buyback price: 0.00000564 BTC (80% of market price)

Exchanges: Poloniex

Buy walls are set.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Beginning amount of buyback funds: 11.33 BTC

Market price: 0.0000738 BTC

Buyback price: 0.00000664 BTC (90% of market price)

Exchanges: Poloniex

Buy walls are set. Sorry for the late timing.

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Someone really wanted to sell.

Are you referring to this:

Yes. Buy orders weren’t all scared away though.

This is really strange! For the previous weeks that no buybaks were available, i tryied to immitate them by setting some “big” orders in buy side at 80-90% of market price.
I didn’t sell anything!!!
What can we say about this selling behaviour?

It takes time and effort and risk to move funds to exchanges from say paper wallets. Unless you put up big buy walls, you won’t attract the kind of big buyers.

That this week somebody desperately wanted to sell NSR :wink:
Maybe @nikolaso has a clue?
…just kiddin’…

You mean that in every buyback week there are desperate sellers :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope this is the reason.

Name another (potential) reason! :wink:

Someones want to burn shares than to just “give” them to others :wink:

Good idea!
Sounds like shareholders who care for the network even if they want to sell shares. A twisted thought, but entirely possible!
…and without freuquency voting a very wise move!

good point. get btc for one’s sold shares and get increased scarcity for the unsold shares.

And now we have an increased economical incentive rather than just trying to care for the network - and the value of the NSR that might remain at the seller; it helps to actively contribute to the value and reliability of the network, if NSR get sold and burned, rather than just sold.

It is a possibility. “Whales” that don’t want to give voting power to others (new shareholders). This is also good and bad.

@masterOfDisaster i am also intrested to know why is someone dropping so much at that price every buyback week. I guess someone found out buyback isnt going to happen each week so he wont get desired selling price so he sold at same price as he bought before. it is just my guess.

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NSR Buyback #22 is complete. 1,702,406 NSR were burned.

Transaction ID: 0475ec25a4a3498514989f16b556815a481deae887bb0058e99922dc228d6ffe

The circulating NSR supply is now 792,881,487 NSR, not counting FLOT funds. Please keep an eye to this page for running totals.