NSR/BTC trading pair now available at BTER.com

I just got a note from the developer at BTER that I’ve worked with in the past on integrating NuBits into their exchange. He gave me the heads up that they had just launched an NSR/BTC trading pair.


As far as I am aware, the existance of this market does not change the current acquisition process or pricing that Jordan Lee detailed in his previous communications on the subject.

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Great to see that happening, no sellers at BTER made me laugh though, shareholders are sharehodling :slight_smile: Not that I’m surprised.

I just got another note from BTER – it appears that they are having deposit issues due to the way that Nu’s PoW blocks rewards are split into smaller increments by the protocol when they are sent in the future. No ETA on when deposits will be resuming.

It could be a timing thing – traders already have BTC ready on the exchange, but any NSR holders have to wait for deposits to clear. It is funny, though.

This will be an interesting experiment in price discovery.

I’ve opened a ticket with our dev team to see if there’s anything that can be done on our side to help them get it to work. I want to stress that at this time, this is not a protocol defect, but an incompatibility between how BTER’s deposit confirmation function works and how some of the outputs are split by the Nu protocol.

If I get more information, I’ll share it with the team.

Maybe you’re just right - shareholders are holding…
…even once the deposit issued have been solved?!

Who knows; it will be interesting once the NSR deposit at bter works.
I bet they will be much more expensive than the ones that have already been sold by Nu.

The reasons for that are (in my opinion):

  • NuShares as well as NuBits are in the wild for approximately one month - and still work (who could know that end of September?)
  • buying the NuShares at an exchange is safer than being part of the IPO; nobody needs to wonder whether or not this is just a scam (gathering money but not sending anything; NuShares have been sold an I’ve not read about one single person that has paid, but not received anything. The first adopters might not have been sure what happens after they had paid…)
  • with great NuShares comes great responsibility :wink: ; voting is a key feature and selling them will be treated with reserve knowing that holding NuShares needs to be an active part and not a passive one.
    If they are sold then likely at a price that compensates this.

I’m curious about the price level, though :slight_smile:

Funny: the highest buy order until recently has been 0.00000012 (1.210^-7) BTC which is at a BTC rate of 380 USD/BTC 0.000045 (4.510⁻5) USD.
That is only a fraction (~ 2.5%) of the price that has been paid during the first phase of the IPO (0.0018 USD; 1.810⁻3 USD) or the second phase of the IPO (0.002 USD; 210⁻3 USD)…

I bet we’ll see higher buy orders.

And I bet that we’ll see nothing relevant on sell order site far below 0.0000005 (5*10^-6) BTC :smiley:

Just to be clear, no IPO was ever conducted, nor will one ever be conducted. Jordan is choosing business partners, not conducting an IPO where mass amounts are sold to the public.

That’s the trouble with 3 character acronyms - they’re often confused with each other.
I was speaking of an Initial Picked Offer :smiley:


Buy offers have already crept past Jordan’s price of $0.002/NSR. No shares are listed for sale. Are deposits fixed yet?

No. I’ll synch up with my contact in a couple hours. We may need to make an update to the Nu code to make it easier for Bitcoin-based exchanges who use ‘listtransactions’ as a validation step to process some Nu input transactions. The Nu wallet already does what the exchanges need, so adapting the daemon to process it the same way should not take an extraordinary effort.

I need your help. I’m becoming a NBT addict. It’s 3:17 AM as I’m writing this, I’ve switched on one of my laptops that work heavily from Sunday evening to Friday night, 24/7 trading Forex markets, they deserve more rest than I do;) But I needed to do that, to simply say “Thank you Ben” for always staying on top of technical issues.

Today I’ve spent the whole day digging thru Peercoin, peercointalk, PeerShares related topics (I’d provide links and citations, but they’re on a different laptop) and I certainly agree that this is one of the most vibrant, dedicated dev teams working at current time.

Thank you for your efforts, all of you, the core team, the long-term backers (yeah mOD, I’ve been reading your +1-year old posts where you sound as enthusiastic as today), thankfully there is place for newbies like myself.


I think there will be one or a few bubble periods of NSR prices very soon. The moment of truth of the future of Nu will come, when we see how steadily the shareowners hold on to their shares.

There’s nothing wrong with becoming addicted to important things, believe me :stuck_out_tongue:
Just try to sleep, eat and drink from time to time. Oh, taking showers is another good idea.
If you have a family, friends, job: don’t you forget about that!

@Ben and all the other devs which do a hell of a job: I can only underline what @thExit has said:
you are the most vibrant and dedicated dev team!
Thank you!


Welcome to the community.
PPC dev team has been the most dedicated and professional team I have ever seen.

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@sigmike has submitted a pull request with a modification to the ‘listtransactions’ RPC response to make it straight forward for exchanges like BTER to verify deposits.

We need to test the resulting builds and compile new signed binaries, but I expect that this will be resolved within the next day.

I’ll continue to post updates as I have them.


Sounds great! Ben

I believe ppc community is of high quality.

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Thank you @miner, great to be here. As I’ve started a proper research on PPC, what I find most appealling is the general drive towards long-term solutions (by addressing BTC’s critical issues, I’m not going into detail here as probably all and certainly most of you here are more advanced as I am on this topic:). I’m a long-term-mentality, I’m a Forex trader who trades for small but consistent profit over years, I don’t go after 1000% a year, 100% a year is my target, as long as I can achieve it low-risk or almost risk-free.

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency environment has changed a lot, many people still seek astronomical returns over a short period, people dream about profits encountered by early Bitcoin adopters (this is a strong influence of stories where sbd mined early or bought at 1 USD and forgot about the coins until it surfaced in the news that BTC is traded at 1000 USD…), this is a new American Dream, from rugs to riches.

I take a different approach, and PPC takes a different approach which is in line with my perspective. I work in a slightly different field, Forex trading, but the principles remain the same, slowly but surely, into a bright future.

I know that I’m going a bit off topic, but I’m just feeling that finally someone in the cryptocurrency environment isn’t going mad in pursuit of high profits, but is focused on a long timeframe perspective. I guess this makes me feel good around here. I hope I can somehow contribute to your and our success.

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Update: BTER has deployed Nu 0.4.6 and deposits have been turned back on.

current trade history at https://bter.com/trade/nsr_btc: