No Park Rates Available in "Votes" Section


I have had NuShares for about 2 weeks, and yet, during this time, I haven’t once seen the Park Rates table populated with any data. It always has been empty (nothing under Duration column and nothing under Interest rate).

I find it bothersome, because then, I don’t know what the consensus around park rates are – and I have no references when it comes to setting my parking rates.

Why is it empty? Are there any reasons for that?

There are no parking rates currently. Most shareholders vote for “0”, so that’s what the client is trying to tell you :smile:

It’s empty because NuShares holders have voted for no park rates. We’re not in a period where synthetic demand is needed. You can see how how the voting for park rates works here:

If you want to see your own personal votes on park rates you can click the park rates button at the bottom of the vote tab.

All the votes are recorded in the blockchain, so it’s possible to view the actual votes in each block. For instance you can do this manually through the debug console:


getblockhash <some block number>

then you can provide the block hash to getblock to see all the votes recorded in that block.

 getblock <block hash> 

Aw you beat me while I was replying :frowning:

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Thank you for your answers. If I look in my NuShares interface, I can see the following:

Buy: 181 037.8956
Sell: 215 384.7229

Now, if I understand what I read correctly, we want the buy and sell numbers to be roughly equivalent. Since the buy number is lower, I would want to offer a park rate that is superior to whatever the consensus is right now. However, since most shareholders offer no park rate, does this mean they feel that the other mechanisms to keep the NuBits price at $1 USD are working fine on their own? (Well, objectively, they seem to be!)

Put in another way, does this mean that the gap between the buy and sell numbers is so small that there is no point in offering any park rates? If so, when can we say that the gap is big enough?

I’m actually seeing BUY 102194 and SELL 115874 in my client. It does fluctuate quite a bit, but yes that’s the idea. There’s actually a lot of debate regarding what is a proper ratio, but I think the majority consensus right now is that around 50/50 is good.

The peg has maintained very well and there’s no need to introduce park rates at the moment. We’ll have a data driven portion of our website soon to show off lots of network metrics.

You may be interested in the information returned by the getparkvotes RPC. To use it, click Help…Debug window in the Nu client while NuShares are selected in the unit menu. By default the last 2,000 blocks (the interval determining the current park rates) are displayed. The number of blocks returned and the start block can be specified with optional parameters if you desire.

Here are what the results look like for the six month duration. From this you can understand that for the 6 month duration, 96% of votes are for 0%, 0.06% of votes are for an annual rate of 0.4%, 0.87% of votes are for a 1% annual rate and so on.

“18” : {
“blocks” : 262144,
“estimated_duration” : “6.1 months”,
“votes” : [
“rate” : 0.0,
“annual_percentage” : 0.0,
“sharedays” : 7273.57907407,
“shareday_percentage” : 96.1229977,
“accumulated_percentage” : 96.1229977
“rate” : 0.00199364,
“annual_percentage” : 0.39999998,
“sharedays” : 4.67859954,
“shareday_percentage” : 0.0618294,
“accumulated_percentage” : 96.18482709
“rate” : 0.00498411,
“annual_percentage” : 0.99999995,
“sharedays” : 66.18979167,
“shareday_percentage” : 0.87472221,
“accumulated_percentage” : 97.05954931
“rate” : 0.00498411,
“annual_percentage” : 1.00000015,
“sharedays” : 69.25108796,
“shareday_percentage” : 0.91517836,
“accumulated_percentage” : 97.97472767
“rate” : 0.01246026,
“annual_percentage” : 2.49999997,
“sharedays” : 27.57483796,
“shareday_percentage” : 0.36441153,
“accumulated_percentage” : 98.3391392
“rate” : 0.02492053,
“annual_percentage” : 5.00000075,
“sharedays” : 125.67650463,
“shareday_percentage” : 1.6608608,
“accumulated_percentage” : 100.0

Thank you very much for your answers.