No one cares about NBT liquidity?

Even the peg is restored, the trade volume(liquidity) is as low as death.

Who says “liquidity engine” works fine?

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Well, IMO.

FLOT did badly in the crisis by not selling NSR quickly enough, at the same time, the liquidity engine is a bad design.

bad^bad = disaster

There will be a second crisis when peg broken again, after stupidly wasting BTC on buyback. And this will happen under a completely controlled by @jooize.

Time will prove my prediction.


The statements made by @JordanLee about the liquidity engine in regard to volume following with liquidity provision quality do not mean it’s magical. Lower volume is likely caused by a loss in trust from the peg abandonment, lack of visibility at Bittrex and Cryptopia, and being delisted from the largest exchange Poloniex.

The BTC spent on buybacks can at this point be considered wasted only because of the misguided devaluations and ineffective actions by liquidity providers at the time. It is possible that shareholders and investors that need to buy NuShares in a time of declining NuBit demand would have lacked understanding of their incentives to do so. As we saw in auctions later, there was people who still believed in Nu at some price point.

Already invested shareholders would like to avoid a reduction in NuShare value and support the NuShare with additional funds until NuBit demand is stabilized or increasing again. They might want to go somewhat lower to buy in themselves. New investors would rather buy NuShares at the lowest price point possible in order to maximize their holdings and benefits of future NuBit demand (and other potential revenue). The new investors would consider where they think their competition will begin support, and how low they dare let the NuShare fall, including factors of at least NuBit holders’ confidence in the peg and other shareholders’ confidence in the NuShare.

With the improvements in procedure of Tier 6, we now have a bidirectional scaling calculation for responding to NuBit demand gradually. I’m sure there are ways we can improve it, and I think that is where focus should be for those concerned. I would like to have someone that can run numbers and find weaknesses in the liquidity flow. Anyone who thinks they can provide value to Nu should get in contact with us and we’ll evaluate the possibility of compensation.


The real world is cold. You can continue to day dream of “high liquidity NSR market” to support “high liquidity NBT”. No one will stop you dream, except the reality. How many speculators will invest into such a crypto whose quantity is adjusted freely while nothing is guaranteed on its price? 100 times shameless than government’s paper money! BTC doesn’t guarantee the price, but it guarantee the quantity! NSR guarantees nothing! Neither quantity nor price! Something is wrong with some people’s brain, your brain?or their brain? You think the free market’s investors are fool, in fact Nu’s designers are fool!

When your liquidity engine is proven wrong by the facts, I will come back.

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Not many. Daytraders at best.

No guarantees, it would be subject to NuLaw. We have seen that it is now weak, underdeveloped and therefore not trusted much.

Government’s paper money is also a mess and subject to the whims of a small group of people (think FED, Goldman Sachs and the likes). Most of the people still trust it though
.[quote=“Sabreiib, post:4, topic:5054”]
You think the free market’s investors are fool,
Yes, a lot of them are apparently as they still investing in dollars, euros, yens etc. while the printing goes on and the debt increases with stagnating economic output. Some say the system is broken, some say it still works. If it doesn’t we likely end up with a world war. Although there are some with interests in that, I believe that the majority still tries to prevent that. But I’m getting off-topic.

Let’s proof that when NuLaw is actually followed and understood by the shareholders and the right incentives are put in place and clearly communicated. I would say 50/50 that it may work assuming a couple of things with better governance and less centralisation change soon. Worth a chance and an interesting experiment. Only reason I’m still here.

Not if it is right? :wink:


BTC/LTC guarantee the quanqity(21M, 84M), not the price, NBT guarantee the price, not the quantity. Both are OK.

But NSR, neither price stable nor quantity fixed, why people invest it? To speculate? Well, there are only a few potential investors, I afraid. NSR’s attraction is much less than ordinary alt coins. Paper money is 100 times better than NSR. So my opinion is you cannot attract enough investors at all because ordinary alt coins and paper money are far better than NSR. Am I clear?

You have to waste another 2 years to demonstrate “Liquidity engine is wrong”. I won’t follow your suicide/hopeless operation.

Not every person is smart enough to be rich.

If that is true, then they are large investors, with over 1 million USD spent on the purchase of NSR the last two days. NSR liquidity has increased perhaps 20 times from what it was just a year ago.

The liquidity engine has already demonstrated tremendous capacity to support the peg, even under the most difficult circumstances. The protocol and liquidity engine have proven to work very well. The failure was in our social structure.


Is there any chance that someone is creating fake volume?

This coin had almost $20 million volume within 24 hours a few weeks ago. Even the dev of that coin says that he has no clue what is going on. Do you think anyone should take this" [quote=“Phoenix, post:7, topic:5054”]
with over 1 million USD spent on the purchase of NSR the last two days
[/quote]" for real?

To get this straight for newcomers: beware, @Phoenix creates fake volume. You can still play the game, buy NSR and try to dump it on him. But if @Phoenix gets mad, @Phoenix just uses his majority stake in the network, prints 2,000,000,000 (two billion) NSR and dumps it right into your face. This is the most centralized business you can ever think of and there is no legal framework that ensures that @Phoenix gets taken to court in case he scams other shareholders. DO NOT BUY NSR, @Phoenix will play it smarter than you (using words like “motions”, “compensation”, “bonus”, etc.".

Dude, stop the repeat button, your fucking brain is broken!

last two days, 1 million USD trade volume, why so little official NSR sale? Why not reach the equilibrium at once?
200 USD per day,(suspected as robot behavior of exchange platform). Is this the power of liquidity engine?

Daily move to equilibrium this week: 194 USD in BTC
Move to equilibrium in BTC: 0.16410
NSR sold: 431842.10526315

Can we replace the human nodes by AI bots?
so that we are not at the mercy of any unfortunate human failure–
What if you want to take some vacations in Australia?


Could Ethereum smartcontracts help here?

Possibly, although we’d still need to produce the data sources for the smart contracts to be based on. I think there’s potentially a place for smart contracts, we just need to define what needs to be automated and what rules the automation needs to obey.

Automation is always a goal and a process. @jooize, @woolly_sammoth and I have talked in detail the last few days about automating the regular NSR sales/buybacks. It is something we are actively working toward.


With so much trading volume and too much reserve you should start NSR buybacks soon!
It’s time to hold shareholder value in the NSR market cap. That’s the most secure way. Don’t risk keeping BTC just because you trade in the NBT/BTC pair.
Let’s make NSR market cap great again!

@Phoenix’ post I was mocking with my last post went missing.
Does anybody remember it?
If yes please post. Otherwise I sound like playing games with the misChief of Liquidity Operations.

Is it gone because NSR price plummeted like crazy and the idea of holding shareholder value in the market cap sounds ridiculous considering how bad the prospects of reliability are?
The most secure way. Lol.

A pity that this post got deleted.
But well played @Phoenix.
Without that post of yours you sound by some percent less crazy.

I have it…


Basically because when we are this close to the equilibrium, it isn’t very important to reach it. The most secure way for the network to hold shareholder value is right in the NSR market cap. We have had challenges holding onto and controlling other shareholder assets.

There is such a thing as too much reserve, and we are close to it now.[/quote]

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Thank you very much for not only remembering it, but even having it!