New PoS protocol proposed: Interactive PoS

“The paper examines decentralized cryptocurrency protocols that are based on the use of internal tokens as identity tools. An analysis of security problems with popular Proof-of-stake consensus protocols is provided. A new protocol, Interactive Proof-of-Stake, is proposed. The main ideas of the protocol are to reduce a number of variables a miner can iterate over to a minimum and also to bring a communication into block generation. The protocol is checked against known attacks. It is shown that Interactive Proof-of-Stake is more secure than current pure Proof-of-stake protocols.”


I would like to hear from sunny king about this!

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@zoro how about asking him to comment in his reddit group at (1) ?


Sunny doesn’t post on reddit, only on peercointalk, bitcointalk or through email. I can contact him for comment, but only if it’s necessary.