[NEW] Poll: How many NSRs do you have?

This is the new poll, with the correct type of polling.

Please be sure to choose the correct value. Once you click on the option you cannot modify it.

The goal is to get some hints on the topology of the distribution.
As the security of the network depends on a fair distribution, I think it is interesting to run such a poll.
I have checked. No body including the admin can get to know on which option you clicked.
So please feel free to participate.

  • Less than 100k
  • Between 100k and 500k
  • Between 500k and 1m
  • Between 1m and 3m
  • Between 3m and 5m
  • Between 5m and 10m
  • Between 10m and 50m
  • More than 50m

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Actually you can change your vote in case you have clicked on the wrong option.

Also, between A and B means (higher or equal to A) and (lower than B) . Please modify your vote accordingly if needed.

EDIT: added information

Perhaps that could be pinned for 1w to complete the poll and then unpinned?

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Good idea. Can a moderator do it for me?

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21 people have taken the poll so far. We need more.

Some suggestions: some advertising on r/nubits to capture the non active users on this forum,
contact tomjoad on discuss to pin it -

I think it is important to grasp how Nu is distributed - its security relies upon it.

good idea.

@tomjoad Do you think you can pin this thread?

It’s interesting to see the results, but I doubt it’s going to be a perfectly accurate method of determining distribution. Shareholders can easily lie or omit their response. All signs I’ve seen suggest that the initial distribution was fair, because Jordan Lee cared about establishing sufficient decentralization to maintain the robustness of the network. No outside actor can harm the network without coercing many different shareholders simultaneously.

My preference would be to keep only network-critical events (protocol updates, voting, announcements) pinned to ensure shareholder attention isn’t diluted. I suppose we haven’t really talked as a community what our policy is about the criteria for pinning posts though, so if another moderator wants to pin this I wouldn’t personally have an issue with it.

All right. Tks for sharing your stance.

Just throwing out ideas here - but How would Nu would pass conduct poll? referedum?

We are casting votes in blocks, but is there any good way to store poll info? anonymously?

I guess so, but that s not the businesse of Nu right?

If we want to promote Nu to others, we need to have real satistics

Introducing NuBits video suggests than Jordan Lee has more than 75% of the Shares -

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It should not be interpreted as such i believe :smile: , obviously.

Edit: typo

26 participants so far. I am sure there are more shareholders out there. We need more data.

I’ve tweeted it from @OfficialNuBits to try and bump the number for you: https://twitter.com/OfficialNuBits/status/618079782090207233


Can anybody motion-ize this poll, somehow?

We could make several motions, one for each bin, and tell people to vote for only one of the motions. However, I think that is vastly less efficient than the simple poll concept. Either way, people can lie and be lazy. The best thing we can do is make it easy, and the poll is probably the best choice there.

30 participants were reached. We still need more data.
I envision a world where there are millions of Nushareholders.

31 participants so far. We need more. Tks for your

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32 so far.