New charts

I’ve made a new chart to assist in the running of Nu. This one shows the current liquidity available on the exchanges and pairs currently supported by Nu.
The open orders in each exchange are updated every minute as is the BTC price (a refresh is required to see the new data) .
The tables beneath the chart show show the orders used in the chart. The chart shows USD value on the x axis and the amount on order on the y axis.
Here’s the link. Comments and constructive criticism welcome.





Here’s a new chart.

It shows the historical NAV of all Nu funds both on exchange and in BTC and US-NBT wallets used for;liquidity focused shareholder funds.

The history of the balances on exchanges goes back about a month. the historical balances of the addresses only go back a few days.

Each point on the chart uses the balance (on the exchange or at the address) at that point in time. BTC prices are converted to USD using the CoinMarketCap price at that point in time too.
I’ve added buttons to change the time scale to allow for zooming in on the current NAV. Future work will be to allow for a time range to be enetered to zoom in on that time range instead.

Comments and Constructive Criticism welcome.


Nice work. Maybe instead of mentioning addresses provide a name e.g. the type of funds; tier 4. And e.g. with a hover-over you still can see the address holding the funds.