Need Help after PPC and NBT Wallet got Deleted by my Sisters Kids

Cut a long story short my sisters kids refreshed my computer and deleted the PPC and NBT wallets.No problem I back them up every night.I downloaded new wallets but how do I put my back up in my new wallet.I am on Windows…any help would be great

Drop your wallet into %APPDATA%\Nu

To fill out what Nagalim said a bit more:

You can use step 1 of this guide to find the Nu data directory for your system:

From there you would replace the newly created (empty) wallets with the backup wallet files. Make sure to do this while Nu is not running. After you replace the wallet files start up Nu and you should see your NBT/NSR there.

thanks and I would assume its the same for PPC

Yes, the directory name will be ppcoin though I believe.

Nubits wallet still downloading but tried it with PPC to no avail.Will look on bitcointalk and see if someone can teamview and help

What exactly is the problem? Your transactions and coins aren’t showing up in the wallet?

correct thats the problem

luckily there is just less than a 100 ppc the rest is still on the exchange

That’s really weird. You replaced the empty wallet.dat file with your backup, and it didn’t show any of the coins? You may need to start the client from the command line with the -rescan parameter. This will look through the blockchain for all the transactions in the wallet.

will try and move wallet again as I say someone on the forum will have teamvier once NBT downloads

Has the blockchain been downloaded completely? Could also check your address(es) with a block explorer (Blockr for Peercoin).

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I friggin hate windows 8 might go back to 7 its easy

yes its only 35 but i see them on the block chain

will wait till NBT downloads and sort everything out,in the meantime just buy some more ppc lol

Tried everything with peercoin wallet but cannot get the 36 coins.Can see it on the blockchain but thats all

is there a way I can put my old receiving address into my new wallet and scan the blockchain for coins like copay wallet

You would need to get the private keys from the wallet. At this point for you to get the private keys you need to load the wallet up and export it from the client anyway. If you could do that this whole process would be moot.

If you want to schedule a time that we’ll both be available I can do a remote session and take a look at your wallets.


yes coz i cant get my nbt wallet now and had over 200 nubits and a few thousand shares…thank you

please suggest a time but remember I am in the UK so we might have a time difference