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Hi Folks,

Most of the tokens/teams have their investors instant feedbacks in a Messenger like Telegram or Discord. Which is great for a great to consolidate a community.

Surprisingly I cannot find any Official Nubits Telegram Channel. Furthermore, a small core of Nubits investors have created their own.

Do you plan to tackle this issue? It’s pretty easy to create a Telegram Group, and the benefit would be interesting. This would help to promote the Nu Project and all their incentives concepts (park, vote shares and such)

I’ve tried the Riot app, which is not convenient. It’s a barrier for newcomers.


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no need to , seen the team running away?

I’m not really sure why you say such things.
I can see the members of the team replying to the posts almost everyday

I was wondering why suddenly more people were joining the telegram chat :slight_smile: I created it through my own frustrations with the official Nu chat connectivity problems and welcome any Nu team members that are interested in moderating.

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sorry it’s my bad!
I should have asked you before posting the Telegram link

No problem, it’s an public channel for a reason :slight_smile:

I wish the team could reply to this post.
It’s getting hard to talk to them. That does not help reassuring people especially during the storm.

Connectivity issues with NuBits Chat on Riot have finally been resolved. We choose Matrix as platform because it is a solid open federated protocol with bridges for many other services such as Telegram.

Our official Telegram channel is NuBits. Intention is to bridge the Matrix room with the Telegram group, using Mautrix-Telegram or alike.

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Hello jooize,

Please make it simple for the sake of clarity.
Some guys made an unofficial channel because of frustration.

The Riot and Matrix things do not help for the communication. Please forget about making a bridge just change your official telegram settings so anyone can talk and promote the project, and voila!

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Sometimes that’s the right approach. I’m keen to centralize discussion to avoid fragmenting attention and reduce the risks of impersonation which has occurred on both the subreddit and most recently Twitter.

Let’s open up the official Telegram channel immediately and aim to bridge them as well. Actually, is it not already open to the public? Assuming there is no restriction set I’m foreseeing, the only reason there is no discussion on Telegram is because nobody has started any.

Not keen on Telegram because of privacy concerns:

  1. requires my phone number
  2. they are owning the private keys or at least the ability to share or mine information. Matrix is in Nu’s own control as far a I know and a solid and open protocol which I believe is suitable for a decentralised organisation as Nu.
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Telegram is quite secure. Its encryption mechanism is so complex that the fbi would like to know more about it. Unfortunately the CEO of the Telegram is not likely to help and consider the privacy of his users seriously.
Please read the article below so have a better grasp of the what’s going on.

Matrix is so complex and uncommon that the newcomers barely want to use it. We need more people involved in the project. We will not succeed with paranoia but with a new strategy of communication.

Using telegram will help to be more conform with the rest of the crypto space.

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I agree with @bifle. Nu is caught in a tug of war between needing adoption to restore and keep the peg which makes the platform functional vs idealism of privacy and decentralization. I recognize what a challenge that is and the goals are commendable but Nu needs a way to get fresh blood into the system.

Perhaps a tiered approach would work rather than a black or white approach. Think of it as an onion where access to the next layer of information is dependent on security and privacy requirements. People on the outer layer are upsold/explained about the existence of the next layer with an opt-in approach to join it. The widest audience being on the outermost layer which contains only public and cursory information about the project without the ability to get deeply involved. Access points on the outermost layer would be things like Telegram/Twitter/Reddit… information disseminates to those layers last which generates an incentive for people to opt-in to the next layer of things like the Matrix chat, etc. Just an idea.

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Hello @jooice

Do you think that we can move forward?
It shouldn’t take that long to setup the channel.

Thank you.

Our Matrix chat is now bridged with a Telegram supergroup at That means people can use the platform they prefer and still talk in the same chat with everyone. Previous Telegram channel is repurposed for announcements.

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Russia starting to block Telegram soon. Those are also our customers. Other countries may follow soon. If Telegram doesn’t want to be a slowly dying platform they will have to provide government access to their encryption keys. The issue with their ‘design’ is now showing. I’m staying away from it.
The bridged solution is a nice compromise to keep everyone aboard and able to communicate. Thanks Jooize.

Definitely, making a bridge is pretty smart, thanks Jooize

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