Minting on Raspberry Pi

Hi so I’m thinking I might set up a Raspberry pi just to leave on and mint all the time. I’m just wondering do people backup their wallets in someway? Or is the SD card safe enough just to leave on its own?

I somehow feel it might safer to have an auto backup. Any advice / tips gratefully received.

Not sure what you meant, but you should always backup both wallets (NuBits and NuShares) when you are using them both. But I think you refer to a backup of the wallet after more than 100 transactions have passed.
I’m making local backups of the wallet bi-monthly and once in a while I transfer those to an USB stick on a different location.

Would be nice when someone has already written a script to do this e.g. every month though.

Yep you got the question spot on. I was thinking of using something like google dropbox. It’d just be good to automate the process of backing up the wallet so i never forget

Since minting reward goes to the same addresses, if you don’t add keys to (or remove keys from, omehow ) your wallet the addresses in it will never change. You can backup once and leave the wallet there without new backup. The minting reward will recorded under your addresses in the blockchain, retrieveable from any wallet that has the priv keys.
For minting purposes the S wallet can be an empty one.


Thank you! Exactly what I needed. Busy trying to compile the wallet now and get off the 0.5.2 wallet I’m on on OSX.

Plus it means I can mint 24/7. Leaving a bit mac pro on will probably get expensive :slight_smile:

That is good to know. Somehow I thought that the transactions needed to be saved. But they are the addresses and they don’t change with minting indeed, so no backup except the initial one. Will delete that recurring appointment from my calendar.

Sorry to bring this up again. I think I’ve probably never backed up my wallet properly and I want to make sure I’ve got this right.

So i’ve got my raspberry Pi all set up and running now. I ran this: "backupwallet " and saved that file off the pi. Is there anything else i need to do to open this wallet on another computer should my pi fail? I’ve put a passkey on the wallet too.

The backup file is simply a copy of your wallet file. It’s generally safer to backup with the command instead of copying because if you copy before the client properly shuts down, the copy you get can be corrupted. However with nu client there is a twist. There are two wallets, one for nubits called walletB.dat one for nushares called walletS.dat. By default you get walletB.dat backup’ed using the command, which is may not be what you wanted.

So the safest thing I think is restart your pi, don’t start nu, copy the walletS.dat (and walletB.dat if you want) to somewhere safe, then you can start the client to mint.

If you want to use your backup copy somewhere else, use the backup files to substitute the wallet*.dat on the new machine when the client is not running, then you are good to go. The password and motion info all go with the backup file.

Thanks so much glad I asked as I would have definitely only backed up one wallet!

Actually I think it backs up the NuShares wallet by default. If you don’t have any NBT on this wallet it’s not a big deal. I’m assuming it’s a minting machine only. For practice though, to force backup of the NBT wallet from the command line just add --unit=B in front of the backupwallet command. This works for other commands as well.