Merging Peerunity With Peercoin v0.5.2

Just in case you’re not aware, Sunny King officially released Peercoin v0.5.2 yesterday with an upgrade deadline of April 25th…

The community client Peerunity was developed by the Nu team. Is there any chance the Nu team could spare some resources to help us merge Peerunity with v0.5.2? I understand this is likely a bad time with our limited development resources right now. I asked Sunny what his plan was for upgrading Peerunity. He replied below…

So worst case scenario Sunny might have to do it. If any help could be offered though that would be great. What do you guys think? @JordanLee, @Ben, @CoinGame, @sigmike.


Looking at the PPCoin source, it looks as if there are 2 protocol changes:

  • change in the kernel stake modifier
  • 0 PPC TXOut’s are allowed

There are a half-dozen other changes related to non-protocol things

I could kiss you right now! I’ve been waiting a long time for that to get included. :smile:

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